Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buy a Duck, Help the Poor.......

I am a member of the St Andrew Conference of St Vincent de Paul Society. The society is made of volunteers whose mission is to grow closer to Christ while serving the poor - you can read about the national St Vincent De Paul society here. The organization is divided into groups by location who serve the poor in their area, not just the parishioners or catholics, but EVERYONE.

Our conference has been hit incredibly hard with requests. I volunteer on the Intake Line. I take messages off our voice mail which are requests for aid and call the people back to get pertinent information for our case workers. I have cried after hearing some people's stories, and it's hard speaking with someone knowing we may not be able to help them out financially - though our wonderful case workers do everything they can, and when there is no money they try to help direct clients to other resources. Our group is funded by the generosity of our parishioners - because the economy is not so great right now, like most other organizations we have been hit meaning we haven't been able to get all the funds needed. The volume of requests has skyrocketed and well, people don't have as much to give lately.


At the St Andrew picnic, we are having a Duck Float "Raffle". You can purchase a rubber duck for only $5 which will be assigned a number and set afloat in the pond between the church and the river. Our raffle win consist of someone - guessing Monsignor, pulling a duck out of the pond - wondering if they will get him in a rowboat since we have the St Andrews Rowing Club on our property. Whoever sponsor's the rescued duck will win a prize is $500 cash, and we will have some smaller prizes also. I am selling my lucky ducks through Sept 25th, the picnic is October 3rd.

After expenses - IE cost of rubber ducks and prize monies are subtracted from all money collected, 100 percent of the balance will go in the St Vincent De Paul account to help serve the poor in our community. We answer all calls and will meet with any individual or not to try to assist - whether Catholic or not - and we need your help!

Its truly a wonderful organization and makes a difference in people's lives who have been set back for a variety of reasons. The money raised will help provide rental assistance, food, diapers, utility bills, car repairs, and a host of other financial needs from those who have fallen on hard times. This money really makes a difference and even though you will probably never see the face it helps or hear the thank you, the clients we serve are incredibly grateful.


There are duck purchase volume discounts. Let me know if interested! I can tell you more specifically about it. I have been charged with selling a minimum of 30 ducks.....won't you please help out the poor and help out poor old me meet my quota? Hey, the odds are way better than mega millions and though the financial payoff isn't as rich, the benefits come from the spirit of giving and helping out which have far greater reward.

You can give me the $$, mail it to me or heck, I will do paypal and donate the cash in your name.

" If someone who has worldly means sees a brother in need and refuses him compassion, how can the love of God remain in him? Children, let us love not in word and speech, but in deed and truth." - 1 John 3:17-18