Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things I learned this week..........

Here's a recap of a couple things I learned this week, as you are never too old to learn.

1. I do not close the cap on the toothpaste after brushing. I never realized I was doing this until I asked my darling husband to please remember to close up the Ziploc bag we keep the almonds in. He agreed after I explained despite the fact we don't have a pest problem, I was concerned that critters could help themselves at night. He then asked me to please close the cap on the toothpaste....which I have been doing. Turns out, I totally would just leave it open, but not anymore.

2. Think 2 times before randomly posting on a Facebook friend's status you don't care about some political tshirt about health care reform. I was quoted "I don't condone it but it doesn't bother me" - meaning I thought the tshirt was on the tacky side but we do have freedom of speech in the USA last I checked, so yeah, a shirt with a message I think is tacky I don't care about. Turns out this attitude according to another of her Facebook friends has directly caused many ungodly things to happen in our country. OK, so indirectly I was accused of causing the moral decay of this country. Um get it over it dude its a TSHIRT and I am sure the are many out there that would be offensive and you wouldn't get your panties in such a wad.

3. The Passion of the Christ in Blu-Ray - yeah, it was just as if not more disturbing than ever seeing high definition of the crucifixion of Jesus. That scourging YIKES. I do think this is a very important film for Christians to see the depth of the love that Christ has for us regarding all he endured for us. I realized, yet again, how I love Jim Caveziel's performance and would love to see him play a life of Jesus role as when he is shown with Mary as a Carpenter was one of my favorite scenes. His face totally transformed to joy in the flashback of the Sermon on the Mount scene. This is truly a great film to watch on Good Friday and reflect. Yes, Jesus loves me.

4. Even preschoolers get pre-spring break craziness. Those kids were WILD, maybe its the return of nice spring weather who knows.

5. Angels live among us. The week I had my podiatrist appointment for my sore foot. Two days before I had come to the realization that its official, I have let myself go. I have gained weight, all my pants are tight and I am so unhappy with myself. As my doctor told me I had Plantar Faciitis and I needed to scale back the exercise depression started to set in, which guess what I do when that happens, umm eat. A asked how I was doing, I told her depressed about my foot and she offered me her spin bike in her basement. The weight gain I attribute to dealing with Dad's death, working everyday and well just laziness. Now its up to me. Thank you exercise angel for giving me no excuses.

6. I am not the only one who has had a less than stellar Lent. I read a great article this week by Ga Bulletin (the catholic paper) columnist Lorraine Murray which basically stated what my experience was, started out with good intentions, but once again FAIL. Hopefully next year I can stick with my sacrifices.

7. Roswell's Riverside Park Sprayground will charge admission this coming season. BOOOOOO!!!!!!! Why do I need to pay to sit and make sure my daughter is following the rules and safe, charge her if you must, but hey, think of me as a free safety patrol.

I am sure there is much much more but these are the highlights and I need to go make dinner.