Sunday, June 29, 2008

String Bikinis and Dingos.......

A string bikini is something I have never been able to wear. I have never felt I had the right body for it even at my thinnest. The real problem is my big chest. OK its not a problem, it takes much more than 2 triangles of fabric and a string tie to hold up my girls.

Andy was in a co-ed volleyball tournament yesterday. Sarah Cate and I decided to go watch Daddy spike, dig and bump. I was amazed at the girls wearing string bikini tops. First I was envious that I never could wear one - well comfortably, I am sure I could have gotten one on in my younger days before breastfeeding, but I have always felt better with some support. Second, it amazed me that these girls weren't just walking around getting sun in their bikini tops, they were playing volleyball.....on a 2 man - um person team! So they had to hit the ball every other time, and cover the court with only one other teammate. Now even if I could squeeze myself in a string bikini, I can't imagine running, jumping and playing volleyball in one. To quote my high school friend Veronica, "I would give myself a black eye or 2". I guess if I could play volleyball I would be more the sports bra compression type. Note: These tournaments aren't like going to Hooters, its just a few of the ladies like to wear bathing suit tops to play outdoors. Not all the women wear them.

These tournaments are fun to hang out at. People bring tents and some families and hang out to play and watch volleyball. Sarah Cate did enjoy running around and watching daddy play. She still gets excited when she sees any kind of ball...there is hope she will fulfill Daddy's dream of being a volleyball player. Between her love of balls and her height, she has a real shot at it. She also loves seeing the dogs people bring to outdoor tournaments, they make her laugh and smile. One cute little bitch was very happy to see us...and this is a dog, not a girl in a bikini. She was a sweet dog who would roll over to let us pet her and tolerated Sarah. Since we have Susie our dog, Sarah is learning how to act around dogs, though when she gets excited she runs to them screaming which could be a bad thing so I better be careful. Anyhoo, I found out from my bumping hubby that the dog we liked the best, the sweet little bitch whose name I can't remember, was an American Dingo..........and no, she didn't eat any babies. This dingo was red and short haired. I had no idea what kind of dog it was at the time, though she had a pitt bull's shaped face and a big tongue like one. She was alot smaller than a pitt bull, but I wondered if there was any in her. Never saw an American Dingo before....very loud barker and a real sweet dog.

It was confirmed that Sarah Cate is cute....the volleyball players told me. She looks just like Andy, so its not like she gets her looks or for that matter will get a bikini wearing bod from me... Maybe someday wearomg a string bikini in her awesome athletic body she might take her Dingo to a volleyball tournament and I always the spectator even old and gray will still ponder why I couldn't have ever worn a string bikini top like that.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Snakes on a Plane

I had a bad sinus headache yesterday so I took a Zyrtec (sp?) and zoned out last night. I had HBO on and watched Snakes on a Plane. Boy is this a bad movie.....I wonder why Samuel L Jackson and Julianna Margolis did it. I seem to recall seeing her promoting the movie kind of embarassed about the name....which is just the tip of the cheesy iceberg.

The script was really predictable - but most disaster movies have the same formula so can't fault that. The dialog was really simple and some of the lines really campish and laughable - which couldn't have been the intent of the writers. Some of the characters came straight off a 70's about unbelievable people. The story and special effects made me wonder if Beavis and Butthead had something to do with it.....snake attacking naked woman on the fake boob - did we really need a mile high club sex scene that ended with people getting attacked by snakes anyway. Of course a guy peeing in the loo gets attached on his pee pee and snake dangles off his pants....... But there I was watching it - kind of in disbelief at how bad it was....I had seen everything else on HBO channels and my head hurt so I didn't feel like channel surfing..... At the end of the film, just as they were trying to land the plane....yep both pilots didn't make it and a passenger was flying the plane - a passenger who had lots of flying experience on a video gaming system of course. About this time our cable box crapped out. It does this sometimes it doesnt' recognize channels above 100 and you have to reboot. I just decided rather than getting out of bed and unplugging and plugging it back in to try to catch the ending to confirm who walked off the plane, I would turn off the TV and go to sleep. I don't think I missed anything and I didn't have one dream about a snake.....heck, I even had nightmares after Jurassic Park.....which is umm, way less likely to happen.

I hate snakes, but have no fears of them on a plane after giving a couple hours of my life to this film - and a few minutes to blog about it. It just amazes me that the film got was just a bad movie......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Darn Cows............

Why do I eat to feel never works and I just get fat. Today I am feeling blah, I seriously need a vacation to look forward to and yet we have nothing planned. Just got back from a wedding in Pittsburgh, which was nice, will blog on that later when I have the pics handy.....but the wedding was not exactly vacation since Andy had best man duties and I had to take care of Sarah most of the time.

I went to drop off some blankets for SHARE - the women's pregnancy and newborn loss support group I am involved with, and on the way home went to ChickFilA "cuz I was hungry". Now being on my heart healthy plan I SHOULD have gotten salad or even a wrap, heck chicken salad is ok also. But what did I get.....a #1 meal with fries. Was it worth it, NOPE. Do I feel better or do we have a trip planned magically because I ate a fried chicken sandwhich on white bread with a side of waffle fries..... NOPE.

I am so mad at myself right now. This love-hate relationship I have with food really needs to go bye bye. I know that one ChikFila meal isn't going to ruin my life - but I need to stop thinking junk food will make it all better or make me happy. It doesn't.

I know the marketing guys at Chikfila think those cows are so cute, but I am not liking them right now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diet Week 8 - and some ramblings

Well, bless me father for I have.....gone off the diet. Not HORRIBLY, but I seem to find myself eating off Sarah's plate and eating her animal cookies. I am eating more grains than I should and don't think I am eating enough veggies. Plus I am drinking more than I should....not like umpteen beers or glasses of wine, but 1 or 2 a night which isn't every night, but more often than not.

I didn't want to weigh this week, but I did and am up, so I am now down a total of 9lbs. WHICH IS GOOD.....but the hard part is we are going to a wedding this weekend, with a Cookie bar...umm cookies. This cookie bar apparently is a Pittsburgh thing and you know I am excited about a table full of cookies....along with my wedding cake. :-)

Anyhoo, I have noticed a funk approaching which I know contributes to my mindless eating....and needing to medicate my sorrows in salty or sweet snacks - um and a glass of wine is good also. The good news is that some days when I start to feel funky, I just say a quick prayer rather than reaching for the triscuits or chocolate- but its heart healthy dark chocolate.

BUT overall, I am still eating way less than I used to. I just hope next weeks weigh in won't be horrible. I am in this for the long haul, so I know I will have setbacks. I am not trying to just lose weight, I am really trying to be healthier. While I am not there yet and seem to be slipping, I can say, I am making progress and need to focus on that.

Tim Russert's passing has me a little scared. My family has a history of heart disease and I want to be around for Sarah Cate for as long as I can. Hearing Tim was on medication and yet still succombed to a heart attack at a young age - like my mom and brother - has had me a little nervous....but I must live each day to the fullest and not worry about things that might never happen. Of course mom and Jack smoked which is a huge risk factor. Thankfully I kicked the habit 9 years ago. YAY ME! All I can do is keep focusing on healthy living.

.......and not think about that peice of Carmel Cake in our frig from my dad's birthday today.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bless you Sarah Cate

Today in mass Sarah blessed herself. She dipped her hand in the holy water and touched her forehead, then she smiled at me. Sure she was just copying what she has seen me do, but I think its nice to know she is already giving herself a little sacramental blessing.
She also blew Baby Jesus a kiss - going to mass with her is too much fun. I only wish Andy were there with us. Please pray for me on this one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hiccups in my sleep......

I woke up the other night hiccuping. Really heavy ones that wouldn't go away. Darndest thing ever. I had been out to eat at a cute restaurant in Buckhead for my mom's club Moms Night Out. What a fantastic restaurant.

I ate a salad of Dates and Toasted Pecans Over Field Greens with Blue Cheese Dressing, totally delish. Also had with some steamed mussels in a spicy tomato sauce - to die for - I ate every drop of it. Sopped it up with bread, used a spoon, whatever it took to taste that delish dish. Best thing about it was totally on my diet...well except the bread I ate, but I did dip it in olive oil which is supposed to help it metabolize better.

I guess my body was like "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS STUFF"..... The salad I suppose was a little rich....and I haven't had clams or mussels in a while. I thought I woke up Andy but he didn't notice. I am telling you weirdest feeling I have had in a while - waking up with hard hiccups that wouldn't go away.

BTW, if you are in Buckhead and want a good place to eat, check out Portofino....umm, umm, I would go back in a heartbeat, hiccups and all. If you want to try it out... or peruse the menue

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hydrangeas...check em out at dusk

I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance of the colors of our Blue Hydrangea plant at dusk.

Here's a picture of me standing in front of our bush during a particularly blooming year - NOT at dusk though and yep, I was pregnant and NOT the best picture of me, but cut me some slack my pregnancy was AMA -Advanced Maternal Age. That bush was loaded with flowers 2 years ago when the pic was taken. I think it was then that I first noticed the brilliance of color as subtle as it was during sundown. I remember thinking how fantastic the flowers looked in the soft light. Last year even with the draught, though not as full as in years past, the colors of the blooms just glistened softly and beautifully. That bush has the most beautiful shade of soft blue I think I have ever seen - but you can only appreciate it at dusk.

I have heard the best time to have your picture taken is as the sun is going down that the light is very flattering and forgiving. I suppose its similar to how we glow with soft candlelight which emphasizes what is beautiful about us and not so much our flaws as bright light can do.

The other night again I was taken aback at how beautiful our bush was as I retrieved one of Susie's tennis balls in the back yard in front of the bush. I literally stopped in my tracks to admire God's handiwork. Thank you Lord for giving us this beautiful planet and that extra special time during the day when all can appear glorious. Its there, all you have to do is stop and take it in.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I hate driving

Its no secret how much I hate to drive. I suppose I am not aggressive enough. I do follow the traffic rules and as for speed I just try to keep up with traffic. Trucks on the highway honestly scare me so I avoid any highway driving if possible...I know kind of kooky.

Yesterday I went to the mall. Going into the mall off the main road you come to the road around the mall parking lot. If you are coming in from the main road, you have the right of way, no stopping. The other people at the mall road have to stop, they have stop signs. So I was driving in and I noticed that a car in the left of the intersection didn't stop, so I slowed down. Then the car after him went also but when I saw I wasn't stopping, honked at me and gave me a mouthful....of course I couldn't hear her. I held up my hands in the dramatic "What's your problem".....truth is I had the right of way and didn't have to stop. I am sorry that I forced you to come to a complete stop, which you should have done in the first place.

So I shopped, got my dresses and when leaving the mall had another issue. I was at the light to get out of the mall onto the main road. There is a left turn only lane, a going straight across lane and a right turn. I was in the middle as I was crossing over the street. I noticed when the light changed and there was a left turn arrow, the car next to me did not move, well until the light fully turned green and then it went straight across, which I had to stop or we would have collided. I noticed the tag was not from a local county so I just chalked it up to someone who wasn't familiar with the area. What I wasn't expecting was the next car to force me to stop AGAIN and veer over into my lane, no signal and giving me the death stare and dramatic shaking of the head.

Both times, I was forced to witness the first car violate the rules and THEN deal with the car behind it who felt like I was in the wrong....or just PO'd at me for making them stop. The thing is people we have rules for our safety. Luckily, road rage for me didn't happen, but its I was irritated.

Oh well, what can I do, I have to drive!

Diet Week #7 - slowly losing

Well today I am down a total of 11lbs. So slowly but surely the weight is dropping. I lost another 1/2lb which is wonderful as I pigged out Friday......had buffalo chicken fingers and fries and of course 2 beers. I tried to eat slowly and shared my fries with Sarah. I was just in a funky mood and wanted those fingers....I could have actually done without the fries, but they were yummy. Andy is now down 14lbs, so the South Beach diet is great for us! I am really happy about my progress.

We are going to a wedding in a few weeks and I went to try on dresses yesterday. I am happy as I am down a dress size, but still have a ways to go for the long haul. I have always had a hard time getting a dress with my weird shaped body anyway, but now that I am down it gave me many options.

Feeling good today, and hopefully will get backinto exercising more this week. We have had some incredibly hot weather and I just wanted to stay indoors.....especially since I had a head cold.

So, this week I need to walk more and find some new recipes. :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Top 10 List reasons to watch

Ok, this is old, but I came across this David Letterman Top 10 reasons to watch featuring the cast. I have to say, its purty funny and thought I would include.

I think that Lee Adama aka Jamie Bamber is quite the hottie. He would only be hotter if he had a Brittish accent....oh wait, he does, he just talks like an American for TV. Wow, is it getting hot in here or what. I will say this season has kind of been not the best one for me, although I am still really enjoying it. Too bad I didn't get to catch Jamie while he was in town for Dragon Con, not that I have been, but I have been wanting to at least go down to see all the people dressed up.

So if you like BSG, just click on the title of this post and enjoy the satire.

Yeah, I know I am a total loser for being up so late on a Saturday night looking for some people's reactions to last night's episode. Well, I did go to Georgia Tech, so there is some nerd in me for sure.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

She Said JEEEEE.........

A post about Jesus, you never know what I will talk about now do you?

Jesus holding baby overhead pencil sketch
Being the good Catholic Mom I am, ok that I am striving for, I want Sarah Cate to know Jesus and develop a personal relationship with him. From my personal experience, when i am "with Jesus" I feel so much more at peace and so little anxiety. If only I can give her some strong foundation that she will continually build upon, I know she will be OK no matter what life sends her way. Jesus tells us in the Gospel according to Mark:

"Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it."

So my challenge at 19 months is how in the world do I have Sarah go to Jesus. I try to point out to her at mass the many images of Jesus that surround us: the risen Christ statue over the altar, the wooden carving of Baby Jesus a gift to our church from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, pictures of Jesus in the Crying room - when she gets unruly and loud, the crucifix of Jesus in the crying room, the host at the time of consecration when the altar servers are ringing the bells - this is my personal favorite time of mass, and the tabernacle on the altar. I will ask Sarah Cate "where is Jesus" and she will smile and point to the statues...I get a huge smile when she points to the baby Jesus statue, she loves that one, especially his cute little belly button. She doesn't so much get the Eucharist but you know transubstantiation is not the easiest subject for a 19month old so I will give her some time on that one.

We also have several books with Jesus that I read to her on regular rotation. I want her to love and know more about Jesus as she does about Elmo or Curious George - which are her favorite books.

Sarah is not the best verbal communicator at this point. She will say "A ball" with enthusiasm when she sees a ball of any shape or size, and she regularly says a few other words but that is about it. She does have her sign language so we know she is processing and communicating with us, but when it comes to SAYING things, she is quiet - which she gets from her dad. Being with her all day I wonder if I am saying enough to her since she isn't saying alot. Andy's theory is that I do all the talking so she doesn't really need to say anything.

Today I was at St Andrew my wonderful church on the river for a Familia Meeting. We met in a room full of banners from past Christ Renews His Parish Weekends, really some beautiful images. I asked Sarah "where is Jesus" and she pointed to a banner with the image of Divine Mercy like the one on my blog. She then looked at me and said "JEEEEEE.....". Now I know she didn't really SAY the full name, but the fact she knows the first syllable put a huge smile on my face and melted my heart. It was as if God was saying to me..."she is getting it, keep it up my daughter". Heck even Andy smiled when I told him about it. I wish Patti and Jacki had heard it, but Sarah was being my little meeting distractor as she always is and had me paying attention to her rather than the topic at hand at that moment. As much as I say to Jacki and Patti, "sorry I zoned out during our meeting" I want to say "Thank you God for letting me see that your Son's name is among the few things she will verbalize right now. "

I think that to Sarah "Jeeeee" equals an acknowledgement she is accepting the Kingdom of God, which is GREAT news for her.....just based on the fact I have told her what I have. What a gift! Of course I realize at some point she will question what I have told her about Jesus, among many other things, but hey, for now I am feeling good.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buh bye tree - hello lawn

A week or so ago the Friday of Memorial day weekend, we had a beautiful Oak Tree in our front yard fall down. It was a georgeous tree, very big and full of life. It gave our yard lots of shade which was a mixed blessing....kept things cool, but we couldn't get grass to grow so our yard was basically one big unfinished island. It took out a neighbor's dogwood, which was a big one and I am really sad to see it go...I love dogwood trees.

The tree just fell over hours after it had stopped raining. It had rained VERY hard and there were some close lightening strikes during the storms but who knows. We had the draught last year but the tree appeared healthy - and we had someone look at it last summer along with our other trees. It was a huge surprise that it just fell over. There were no signs to us of root rot and the tree looks ok, no sign of rot in the tree itself. Luckily it didn't hit our house or cars and no one was hurt. The insurance is taking forever so its still down in our yard, but a friendly tree service went ahead and cleared it off our driveway so we could get our cars out - they were both in the garage when it happened. Tomorrow they will clear away all of it.

Here's a pic of Sarah and I standing in front of the tree before they cleared the driveway. She just keeps waiving to the tree.... I guess she knows its going bye bye. Too bad Andy can't have someone make some wood planks with the wood, I know we could get a nice table out of it!

BUT next year this time, I am hoping we have a nice sunny yard to play in with some grass since we no longer have the shade issue.

DIET Week 6

Down another lb, so total of 10.5lbs! I am wearing stuff that used to be way to tight and my pants are all so loose. Its a great feeling, esp after enjoying our mellow mushroom pizza on Friday...we just cut back to a small instead of medium and I got to enjoy 2 Sweetwaters!

Hopefully I will keep it up.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My science knowledge

JustSayHi - Science Quiz

Hmm, maybe I should begin rethinking if I really want to teach middle school science. I seem to have retained not much...but hey, I passed and its been a while since I have been in 8th grade.