Sunday, September 5, 2010

25 Minutes

Today I hit week 6 of Couch to 5K.  I actually completed a 5K this morning...just didn't run the whole thing - ran 25 minutes walked probably 15 more. I am excited, I ran straight for 25 minutes!!!!  Slow, but still I wasn't walking...though seriously, I could probably walk faster.

Felt great...fall is in the air.  Its amazing 6 weeks ago the thought of running for 25 minutes straight scared me.  I will be honest, I do like a walk brake if for nothing else to break up the monotony and to just do something different a few minutes.  However, my goal is to RUN the entire thing.  I am sure I can do it in 3 more weeks!

Yay me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fit by Fall Results

I had a goal to be Fit by Fall.  A rather unspecific goal, so I wouldn't be setting myself up to fail.

Here is where I am, you be the judge how successful I have been.

1. I am 5lbs lighter than spring

2. I could not do any crunches the beginning of the summer....full crunches that is with arms over chest. I can do them now, though sometimes at the end of a workout, I am tired and can't.

3. I was doing boot camp 2 times a week, pretty much all summer other than sick or vacation, think I missed 2 weeks.  I am now exercising 4 times a week consistently. I started a running program and now run 3 days a week, boot camp is only one due to my work schedule. So exercising twice as much as I used to AND getting up early to get it done.

4. I started a running program with a goal of running a 5k after 9 weeks.  And I mean running...OK, jogging, who am I kidding, the whole way.  I did a 5k last month and finished in 40 minutes plus some seconds.  I did a combo run / walk, so I can finish one, now want to be able to run.  Last weekend I did a 20 minute run on my program, this weekend it will be 25 minutes!  When I finish my program, I would like to also beat the time from August just as a goal.

5. I want to complete another 1/2 Marathon, specifically the Disney Princess 1/2....its flat down there and they have entertainment every 1/2 mile which helps pass the time and distance. I did completed 2 1/2 marathons 10 years ago and know it just takes the commitment to slowly building up the mileage.  I will NOT be running the whole way, I am a huge fan of the Run/Walk interval training.

Hopefully, my Plantar Faciitis will not keep me from making my new goals.  I am hoping to avoid injuries.  Along with the Plantar Faciitis which is now better, but I have some heal issues, I developed Bursitis in my shoulder.  I try not to overdo it with my foot or shoulder when I am exercising and Ice and stretching are now a part of my post exercise ritual.  Getting old is hard!

There you go, I think I am doing great by my goals....... and getting more specific.