Monday, March 23, 2009

In Like a Lion

Looking up Our Street From Front Porch

Nandina Bush in our Front Yard
(My Favorite Shrubbery!)

March 2009 has been a very busy and fun month. Started out with snow rare occurrence for the deep South. Sarah was sick with a bad sinus infection and didn't leave the house as she had a fever this day.

But she got better and the weather has gotten better and better. I do love Spring......but there is something about the cool temps of winter. Perhaps that is why I prefer fall to spring as I like a little chill in the air.

I am excited to see warmer temps coming and have enjoyed time out doors playing with bubbles, looking at tadpoles, and exploring our backyard with Sarah.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Man Wednesday......... Lost Boy Named Bauer

Our man of the week hails from England...well he was born there and I believe raised in Canada. The son of a famous actor, he shares his birthday with Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson and Ray Romano. Brat packer, I truly did not appreciate him until when I was on bed rest and netflix was my friend. Sure I had seen him in A Few Good Men, Lost Boys, Stand by Me and some others
It wasn't until I was hooked with his role as Jack Bauer in 24 that I became a huge fan. I love this guy now! That show gets me all pumped up and Jack is so bad ass and such a patriot...he loves his country so much so much, he is willing to do whatever it takes. I am surprised I wasn't into him before as he has that Sting look about him I think.

I give you our man of the week......Keifer Sutherland.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Feast and Slumdog

I must admit I haven't been blogging lately because I have been down. I miss my dad and a few other things have had me in a funk. When I think about posting, its been why in the world does anyone want to continue to read about my sadness. But I do know from past grief experience it just comes in waves and its very healthy to go with the feelings.......ANYHOO

Last week was Andy's birthday so to celebrate we went to his favorite restaurant Nava with some friends and then to a movie. Dinner was good, though the rib eye I ordered was just OK. Andy ordered a salmon dish which was TDF! We usually split what we get so I did get to enjoy his. I need to remember next time that Nava has fantastic seafood and that is what I need to stick with since I can't cook seafood near as good. I think Nava has the best Margaritas anywhere and I enjoyed 2!

After our festive dinner we went and saw Slumdog Millionaire - perhaps we are the last to see this. Here are my thoughts.

Great Movie - Hard to describe the Genre. I was expecting a feel good movie and I would say def not "feel good". Made me think about many things.

* Made me appreciate all I have had over my life - not just the things and education, but my family and loved ones.

* When the main character Jamal was a boy, I thought of Caleb who would be turning 5 this summer and I got sad. Weird how these feelings pop in my head when I see a small Indian boy in the slums!

* Confirmed I never want to go to India - I hate crowds and am claustrophobic. I wonder how people with my phobias deal with life in these crowded places. Nothing against India.....I just really hate crowds, I get very anxious.

* I loved how it was shot, the cinematography was fantastic. Kind of edgy, but really put things in your face. Very good use of imagery and showing how the characters were feeling, reacting, etc. No wonder it won the Academy Award...I am not in the business but can appreciate the brilliant work.

* The shot of the character Latika smiling up in the train station took my breath away. She looked so happy and was SO incredibly actually depressed me a little about myself. Not that I compare myself with everyone, but I caught myself thinking about how I have kind of let myself go...I would not call myself attractive at this point in my life, I am overweight and at the point you get when you know you need to do something, but am frustrated I keep putting it off. I think also, the pure love of the her and Jamal made me a bit melancholy - I have been with Andy 9 years now -wow, and while our love is solid - made me miss how we felt and acted that first year. Isn't it funny I saw the shot when I knew what was going on and I could feel sorry for myself - rather than realize the characters had grown up and had to survive in the slums under the most dire circumstances and conditions. Human nature I suppose to think of one's self....I need to work on this!

* I loved the credits when they were dancing showing the characters as children and as was really lovely and the yellow on Latika as a girl and a woman....beautiful touch!

* Made me think of those who have nothing, how they fall into survival mode. People, me included, can be so judgemental about criminals and why people take things - "why dont' they just get a job?" kind of mentality. This movie shows that sometimes its just so they can get by. Its easy for people who are desperate to fall into the wrong hands. I would say it put a face on criminals and made me think about that.

* Made me grateful for my daughter and all we have. Made me hope that I can watch her grow and thrive and become a "good" person - compassionate, loving, helpful. We are so blessed to have her and to have our family together. I love her so much, and am so blessed that I can spend so much time with her.

Sarah spent the night with her BFF Caroline. She had a great time - and is still talking of the bubble bath! It was nice having a night out and just being with Andy. It was great being able to feast and celebrate the wonderful person Andy is with our friends - thanks Becky for a wonderful son you raised. It was great seeing a movie that was more than just entertainment.

I can see how I am in a funk since I had 2 feeling sad for myself moments during the movie. Hopefully this will pass soon. No need to worry about me, I am not in a downward spiral, just living life. I did realize after the movie and feast I have so much to be thankful for.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a Man Wednesday.....Six Degrees

Our man of the week born in the city of brotherly love has been dubbed the hardest working actor in show biz. Film debut was as prepster Chip Diller in Animal House playing a preppy. My cuz to whom I dedicate this entry, loved watching him on Guiding Light back in the day. His breakthrough role followed his Soap stint in the Film "Diner" which is a movie that I love....mental note, haven't seen it in a while, need to rent it.

I have met our man at one of his concerts. He sings in a band with his brother, who is a musician in his own right, and when their band came to Atlanta the last time, my cuz won tickets and a pass to watch the warm-up and a meet and greet, so I met him. He is REALLY thin. Fun show at the Roxy, too many years ago. I was TOTALLY tongue tied and embarrassingly star struck when I met him.

Wondering is our man of the week is so down to earth because he has NEVER lived in LA. Its great to see an actor who has been married to the same person since 1988.

SO this week, I give you.....................Kevin Bacon.

BTW, my personal 6 degrees......I know not acting...but I can connect myself to him. How far removed are you?

1. Connie Cox Used to Cut my hair
2. She is the daughter of Bobby Cox.
3. Bobby Cox worked for Ted Turner.
4. Ted was married to Jane Fonda.
5. Jane worked with Robert De Niro in Stanley and Iris.
6. De Niro and Kevin were in Sleepers.

The musician

Had to put a footloose pic in! He was really diggin' Chris Penn's moves in this scene.

I dedicate this entry to Lyn.