Saturday, August 28, 2010

Run Julie Run.........

I have started running....and I do use that word rather loosely as I am SO slow. I decided I needed something to get me out of bed in the mornings and consistently exercise. Amidst the heat and humidity of one of the hottest summers on record here in the ATL....well the suburbs, I began the Couch to 5K program in July.

I am currently about to end week 5 of 9, and I am supposed to run a total of 20 minutes straight....the longest to date has been 8 minutes which I did fine no problems. It hasn't been bad actually the program is very easy to start as you do some walking and jogging in intervals, starting at like 60sec running and 90 sec walking. Each week gradually you add on a tiny bit more running. Its no more than 31 minutes so far a day, which is easy enough, but the hard part for me is that I decided to just do it in the mornings before it gets to hot which means I have to get up at sun up. Not easy for me as I am a night owl.

I have discovered however a closeness to my dad quite the opposite of me who was an early riser in nature. He had gotten very large and had a mild stroke or heart attack many many years ago. The doctor put him on a strict diet and told him to walk everyday. Dad would get up when it was still dark, and walk for at least 30 minutes. He wouldn't do it in the rain, but other than that he was out there. He lost 100 lbs 1 year between his walks and an exercise bike from Sears. He told me as he got older he would pray the rosary while he was walking. In the quiet of the morning this summer I have felt my dad's presence and his love. I have realized the joy of being up and out before most - I love the quiet...though its still VERY hard for me to go to bed early and I dread getting up. I do think where I am in life with my preschooler, I am just happy to have 30 minutes to myself, so I do appreciate the runs more than I have in my single days.

Anyway, its going well. My goal with Couch to 5K is to just RUN a 5K the whole way. I already did a 5K this program just to support a good cause, and I did it walking and running. I know I will never win as I am not fast, but to be able to jog for 3 miles is where I want to be. There is a race in October I am going to do and hopefully can run the whole way. Long term I want to go to the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon - 13.1 miles....which I would run and walk in February.

Hopefully I will stick with this. I am coming off of Plantar Faciitis which bothers me a little, but is much better. I just need to train smart. Off to get my princess in bed and to load some new music on the IPOD for next weeks runs.