Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I am 4 weeks away from the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.  

Cute outfit ..... CHECK , got it

Training....... Check...well lets review

I have been following the Jeff Galloway plan from the Disney Princess site. Its all good but apparently I am not stretching enough as I have had shin splints and now am suffering Plantar Faciitis in the left foot.  Its been pretty painful.

Thing is, on my 10.5 mile run Jan 15th, the heel pain kicked in bad.  So bad I went to  a sports med doc.  He was happy with how in tune to my body I am and said "train away" with your current plan - though cut your run intervals down so you are running less and walking a little more...and go see a physical therapist.  Oh and if i feel pain, stop!

So been seeing a PT with some super cool anti-inflammatory treatments including ionotopheresis and ultrasound.  Seriously take away the swelling.  She also has shown me some gentle stretching as apparently its my calves where all this started..yeah, remember the shin splints - its all related, they disappeared when my heel and foot started to hurt.

So last Sunday on another "long training run" goal was 10 miles.  First 8 miles, not easy, but totally doable.  My feet had a little tingling, like they were asleep.  Mile 9 kicks in and its pain more so when I walk than run.  This cannot be good I think so I decide to just get to the car, which was 1 mile away.

It was the hardest mile of my my life. Took me FOREVER to get there...I had to walk a mile on feet that hurt. I was scared something would snap.  Then the realization hit, what if I am on the race and my feet can't make it.  Total Bummer.  

I stopped by the river and just chilled out...actually started crying.  If this were the Princess 1/2 Marathon I would be done.  I would have sought the medical attention and gotten to the end via the van.  Good news is it wasn't the princess it was a training run.  I have a few more weeks to loosen up the calves. Funny thing is I didn't turn off the Garmin, took me 27 minutes to go that last mile... which includes the phone call to the hubs and the cry it out moment.

I started running in July of last year with Couch to 5K. Its a great program, the app for your Ipod or Iphone makes it SO easy.  After I completed that program,  I decided to attempt another 1/2 marathon... did 2 10 years ago. I realized I love my running...OK, its Run a couple minutes, walk a minute and my run is a jog, so basically I am wogging.   I love being outside, its a great way to see things.  I love the sweating and trying to push myself to see if I can go faster or further. I am surprised that I haven't quit with my feet issues or even having to get up early to get my runs in before Andy goes to work, but I look forward to that time.  Its my ME time, I am alone and clear my head.  Since I am a part time working mom and spend most of my time caring for the little princess, this time alone is a JOY.  I so look forward to it...especially the long runs!

I post my runs on dailymile.com to keep up with my mileage..for the shoes.  I decided to share my runs with my Facebook friends...which I will say, at first I was thinking, um do people REALLY care about my pathetically slow runs.  Apparently they do. A  FB friend told me I don't need to be worried about being a princess as I have been the queen of perseverance.  Also, a few others have told me they like seeing my progress and I have inspired them....me, the slow runner who perpetually needs to lose 20 pounds!  Wow, that is great, who knew I could inspire?

Truth is I like running - this go round, so its not that hard.  Hopefully my feet will hold out, I can keep my calves loose and the perseverance will pay off so I can finish that half marathon. BUT if not, there is always next year!  I have totally been bitten by the "wogging" bug.  I love it.  Perseverance, sure, but its something I really look forward to.

Hoping I don't screw things up by continuing!


Donna said...

Julie. You are doing fabulous my dear! You are a true Princess!

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