Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Brudda Caleb

Tonight was the first time I heard Sarah mention her brother's name. She had picked up a prayer book that belonged to my dad. She wanted to "read it".... which at 3 with no pictures surprised me, but she was clutching that book for dear life. I told her that her books right now had pictures until she learned to read....and this was a very special book to me, that it belonged to my dad Pawpaw. I asked her if she remembered him , that he lived in heaven. She told me, "he went night night" and asked me again where he went and who he was with. I told her he was in heaven with her brother Caleb. "You never met him I said, but he lives in heaven". She looked at me and said matter of fact "My Brudda Caleb". First time I heard her say his name. I sure wish he was around to see how cute Sarah is...... OK he is around I truly believe his spirit is watching over us, I just miss him still. Forever in our hearts, my brudda Caleb.

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