Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon - Post Race PAR-TAY

After I got back to the lovely Swan Hotel, this place is awesome, I took a very cold bath to soak my legs and feet.  It felt great.  I then took a shower and discovered the chafing on my back under my bra...OUCH, its a painful way to find it!  But that and one blister on my foot were my only race injuries, not bad at all.

Amy came back from her massage and we chilled for a bit.  Jackie came in our room and we got ready to go to our celebration lunch with the princesses.  We hopped a boat to Epcot's International Gateway and met Mary Poppins shortly after we got in the park.  Of course we had our medals on so we were complemented by the best nanny in the world.

We got a celebratory beer and just chilled out watching the world go by as we sat on a bench enjoying our drinks.  We saw lots of princesses with their medals and their "I DID IT" Tshirt.

We went into Norway's Akerhus and got our picture made with Belle.

Then we were seated and taken care of by our cute as can be waiter Marcus.  He was a doll!  We ate - I had the house special meatloaf...I was SO hungry and it was SO good.  As we ate, we were greeted by Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora and Ariel - who told us she couldn't run because you know she was just getting used to her legs and all but that Prince Eric who watched the race told her all about it.  What better way to celebrate than with our fellow princesses!

Sadly after lunch we had to say goodbye to Jackie who had to catch a flight so she could get back to work the next day. Amy and I walked around Epcot a bit then hit the monorail over to Magic Kingdom.

Amy learned of my complete dorkiness as we walked in Move It Shake It Celebrate it was just starting down main street. I jumped right behind the roped at the end and was dancing down Main Street with the parade.  I know I looked stupid, I think people on the sidewalk thought I was part of the parade.  This lady next to also also joined our dance down main street to the hub - um yeah I danced ALL the way down.  I had one of those magical Disney moments.....when they were starting up the songs and party this "announcer" asks the crowd "What are you celebrating".  I held up my medal as I did a nerdy dance.  Goofy looked at me from the float he was on and gave me a thumbs up, mimicking my motion of holding up my medal and running.  I was so happy with the Goofy recognition LOL, then when the song was over and all the characters get off the floats for the street party he ran to me and gave me a hug...... I could have cried.... Goofy had no idea how hard I worked to get that medal.  Thanks Disney for your fabulous characters!

After partying with the Move It Shake It peeps we headed towards Hall of Presidents since we hadn't seen that before.  We were greeted by ye old colonial Mickey.

We then walked by our favorite bathroom of the trip - we were hydrating so much and all used that potty at the parks Amy took my photo...its in Tomorrowland.

We did Buzz Lightyear and I THINK its a Small World as there was no line for either.  We might have done some other things, but to be honest, that was a while back and I have been slack in posting this update! 

We were SO tired and realized it was getting late as it was dark so started to head out of the park...then we realized the Fireworks were about to start so since both of us had never seen the fireworks we decided to stay.  The Memories and You show on the Castle is just amazing!  There were even some photos of the race.  The fireworks were just amazing, it was a great way to finish off the day though I was so thankful it was just Amy and I getting out of the park afterwards - what a mad rush, glad to not have to worry about kids.  Can you believe it, after getting up SO early for the race and no naps, we closed the Kingdom!

We got back to our room, crashed and then the next morning the magic was over time to come home.  Couldn't wait to go back ..... in fact.....I just signed up today for the 2012 race.  Hopefully I will be able to do it uninjured and I can tell you for sure....I am NOT forgetting my camera battery this time. 

I have to say, a girls trip to Walt Disney World was the best thing ever.  We all had a blast and it was nice being able to focus on what WE wanted to do without worrying about kids and husbands.   

Can't wait for the race in 2012!  See you there.