Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My thoughts on the first lady...not the Bush one, Eve

This week in bible study we talked about Eve and read the first 3 chapters of Genesis. Its been a VERY long time since I have delved into the OT - Old Testament. Andy and I had a discussion last night about it. He brought up that the bible doesn't mention the dinosaurs which could potentially in some people's minds say its a bunch of crap or that its just a really nice piece of fictional stories. I believe its true but not word for word....perhaps 1 day of creation was thousands and thousands of year, not 24 hours. I am not meaning to get into a theoligical discussion here about the literal interpretation of the bible.....going to focus on the story as written and my thoughts. Sure I may be copping out, but I don't have all night to blog.

God made the earth it was good. God made man...Adam and told him not to eat the forbidden fruit. He told Adam to take care of his creation the earth. He recognized that Adam needed someone to share his life with and gave him a partner Eve....made from a rib. This creation -woman from her partner, not from the earth like all the other creations - forever joins the two of them. Adam and Eve were equal and each important to eachother. God knows we are not here to be alone and that we need eachother obviously since he made a partner for Adam. Adam told Eve all about the Garden and that she wasn't to eat of the forbidden fruit. Enter the serpent....

The serpent feeds on Eve's pride about how the fruit will give her the wisdom of God and not death. Eve listened, thought about it and ate it...then she offered it to Adam and like an idiot he just eats it. Not that Eve was any better than Adam, but at least she thought about it. Heck she was tempted by Satan himself who played on her weakness. I bet she was thinking...."umm umm that looks so tasty and it will make me smart too". I am sure that tree smelled good and was just gorgeous and it was in the center of the garden - how could it be avoided. I wonder if Eve justified eating the fruit by saying...."well God told ADAM not to eat it, he NEVER said anything to me so I am sure its fine".

Our bible study leader pondered what would happen had they fessed up to it when caught. Instead of saying, "I am so sorry God, I really screwed up" a couple of kids they blamed others

Eve: Well the devil made me do it....

Adam: It was Eve who made me do it.

Sure there would have been consequences to pay, but I wonder if the punishment would have been as severe if they just had the cajones to say, it was me and I am sorry. How many times have I tried to push the blame on someone else....ok I admit it at LEAST once if not more.

On a personal level the story made me think about how I can justify something I don't need or something I know is not good. I can think about eating something for hours before giving in...hence the extra weight I always seem to carry around. I swear a beer or glass of wine can talk to me out loud when I am thinking, eh I don't really need those empty calories - "Oh Julie.....a glass of red wine if good for your heart, drink me - you need the relaxation!". I remember once I came from DSW with 3 pairs of black loafers....a dressier pair - slight heel, casual flat pair and a cool suede pair.....all were on sale, but really, did I NEED 3 pairs of black shoes.

It also made me think about that dang tree in the middle of the garden. Why is it was are drawn to the things we can't have or that are not good for us. And why are they in the middle of our lives or just downright unavoidable it seems........How many bad relationships do we endure when in our hearts we know its not the right one? How are we drawn to people and things that are not really good for us....friends who bring us down, celebrities who are NOT role models at all and are a complete mess..... How many people waste money on that big chance to win the lottery when having trouble paying bills or not investing for the future? Why do we seem to follow people or leaders because of who they are or the money they have.....even though their agenda is hidden and we don't know what REALLY lies in their hearts?

I just hope I can really think about my temptations and keep a better handle on things. God, please keep me away from that tree in the middle of my garden....

Rather than giving the time of day, if only it were as easy as saying GO AWAY to the serpents in our all of our lives.

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