Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a Man Wednesday......... Lost Boy Named Bauer

Our man of the week hails from England...well he was born there and I believe raised in Canada. The son of a famous actor, he shares his birthday with Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson and Ray Romano. Brat packer, I truly did not appreciate him until when I was on bed rest and netflix was my friend. Sure I had seen him in A Few Good Men, Lost Boys, Stand by Me and some others
It wasn't until I was hooked with his role as Jack Bauer in 24 that I became a huge fan. I love this guy now! That show gets me all pumped up and Jack is so bad ass and such a patriot...he loves his country so much so much, he is willing to do whatever it takes. I am surprised I wasn't into him before as he has that Sting look about him I think.

I give you our man of the week......Keifer Sutherland.

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