Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a Man Wednesday.....Six Degrees

Our man of the week born in the city of brotherly love has been dubbed the hardest working actor in show biz. Film debut was as prepster Chip Diller in Animal House playing a preppy. My cuz to whom I dedicate this entry, loved watching him on Guiding Light back in the day. His breakthrough role followed his Soap stint in the Film "Diner" which is a movie that I love....mental note, haven't seen it in a while, need to rent it.

I have met our man at one of his concerts. He sings in a band with his brother, who is a musician in his own right, and when their band came to Atlanta the last time, my cuz won tickets and a pass to watch the warm-up and a meet and greet, so I met him. He is REALLY thin. Fun show at the Roxy, too many years ago. I was TOTALLY tongue tied and embarrassingly star struck when I met him.

Wondering is our man of the week is so down to earth because he has NEVER lived in LA. Its great to see an actor who has been married to the same person since 1988.

SO this week, I give you.....................Kevin Bacon.

BTW, my personal 6 degrees......I know not acting...but I can connect myself to him. How far removed are you?

1. Connie Cox Used to Cut my hair
2. She is the daughter of Bobby Cox.
3. Bobby Cox worked for Ted Turner.
4. Ted was married to Jane Fonda.
5. Jane worked with Robert De Niro in Stanley and Iris.
6. De Niro and Kevin were in Sleepers.

The musician

Had to put a footloose pic in! He was really diggin' Chris Penn's moves in this scene.

I dedicate this entry to Lyn.

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