Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Day Ever - The Greatest Show on Earth!

This past weekend, we went to the Greatest Show on Earth, the Ringling Brothers Circus. I have to say, I haven't been that happy in quite some time, it was a nice change!

I think seeing it with Sarah for the first time really made it special and the fact our family was together all day doing something fun!

We arrived early to go down to the floor to see the pre-show festivities....we saw some dogs, clowns, acrobats, farm animals, and an elephant painting a picture. Sarah was so enthralled with it all. As we headed for our seats, she said Bye and waived to the people on the floor...which was fun to say "the fun has only started".

I love the Ringling Brother's show. The acts are great to watch, I still am in amazement with the guys in the cage riding the motorcycles. Sarah loved all the animals, especially the tigers and elephants. All she has been saying since the show is Animals, Animals, Animals....sorry PETA, we love circus animals.

It was the first day I think I didn't feel sad in a while, though I did get nostalgic the last time I went to the circus was with my Brother Jack, his daughter Kim and Andrew and Laura when they were young and got a little sad about Jack not being around anymore. But that feeling didn't last long. Now I will say, not happy about the $12 Cotton Candy or the $7 popcorn, but Sarah was happy with the snacks we smuggled in and we were fine doing without. It was truly a FANTASTIC show, the ringmaster and main clown were superb. The acts were terrific.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant after the show to round out our family fun day. I was so happy when we got home. Sarah was worn out and took a LONG nap. She actually fell asleep on me on the sofa for 2 hours. Normally I would transfer her, but having her snuggled up on me felt SO good. Days like yesterday are the kind you dream of when you think of being a parent. Fun activities together and sharing in the wonderment of your children.

Enjoy the photos documenting the day....

Step 1: The easiest way to get to the festivities is ride on mom's back. The view is great and hard to lose a child this way! Yes, we still baby wear occasionally, Sarah loves being on my back.

Step 2: After getting used to the crowds and funny looking clowns, get up on dad's shoulders to take in all 3 rings in the pre-show warm-up festivities. Daddies love the circus too!

Step 3: Come on Mom.....get in on the fun! I think this was the beginning of the spell Sarah was in during the whole show - SO much to see.

Step 4: On with the show!

Step 5: The TIGERS - as Sarah would say, Animals, Animals, Animals!

Step 6: Big finale, see ya next time! and thanks for a fantastic afternoon.

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