Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a Man Wednesday.........Apollo do you read.

I was introduced to our man of the week by my neighbors who got me hooked on Friday night SCI FI. Born to American dad/Irish Mother grew up in Paris and the UK, though he did not speak with an accent on Battlestar Galactica...well I suppose it was an American accent of some kind. He played Captain Lee Adama on BSG, code name Apollo... Currently in Law and Order, UK....hmm L&O has REALLY saturated the market and now wondering how I can see this series. Totally infectious smile, chiseled good looks and dreamy eyes.....and yes, great accent!

I missed him when he came to town with DragonCon few years back..... the downside of bed rest.

I give you Jamie Bamber.

A truly nice package in Jamie, So Say We All.

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