Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Re-Cap

It was a beautiful day, despite my melancholy mood - a dear family friend, the priest that married Andy and I, Monsignor Kenny passed away 2 nights ago. Despite my sadness, I truly appreciated how gorgeous it was today. Clear and nice! Sarah Cate and I enjoyed spending time with Grandpa taking him to Publix. We played outside for a long time, had lunch, went back outside, had a nap and then got ready for the big night.
We re-cycled our Piglet costume from last year. It was a little short, but who noticed! All we did last year was hand out candy and being a cool night it was perfect to keep Sarah Cate warm.
Our neighbors down the street always have a get together before trick or treating and Sarah Cate was scared upon arrival of a big banana. Poor Trip felt horrible that he scared Sarah.... I mean he wasn't anything gory, just a big banana, go figure. I especially liked the Hanna Montana whose dad was Billy Ray Cyrus, nice mullet and good family theme!
The party was fun but the big event was trick or treating for the first time at dark. Elvis, aka Georgia stayed with us the whole time...what a sweetie! Sarah was in heaven - she loved being with Georgia and getting candy was da bomb. I am proud she was so polite only taking one piece of candy. She loved putting candy in her pumpkin which was full by the time we got home. I enclosed some pics below.
With Grandpa at Publix early in the day:

Trying out which Pumpkin will best hold my candy - the plush one won:

Our neighbor Georgia aka Elvis.note the skinny one, Fat Elvis, Owen, was as the party also. Love the pumpkin man.

This Tuu-tuu skirt gives my costume a lil sumpin sumpin.......

With DAd, Grace the Go-go girl and Georgia Elvis..these girls are SC's biggest fans in the hood!

Our, Sarah Cate looks like Andy!

One Happy Trick or Treater!


Karen said...

Sooooo cute!! What a full day of fun!

Karen said...

I love seeing pics of your Dad!

Lori said...

so very cute...and enjoy the days of recycled costumes...we bought new ones this year for the first time since 2006!
what a great day!

Lori said...

you know, i think i am going to start with something like that...maybe some sort of little bag or something...babysteps!

Donna said...

She sure does look like Andy in that photo. Love the lil tutu. She's rocking it.