Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag you're it MEME of 6 random facts

My friend Lori at kate's mama says tagged me to produce 6 random or little known facts about myself on my blog. Apparently its called a MEME and here are mine.......

1. I sang John Denver songs on air 99x to win a seat at his last concert 2/21/97. I was late to work because of it and said I had "an emergency at home". I am SO glad I did this as he was SO good in concert, he was my sister Mary Beth's favorite and I think in my life I have seen him on stage like 4 or 5 times. The concert was at the Fox and it was fantastic, I took my friend Jean the bride in my Always a Bridesmaid post yesterday. JD died in October the same year, so I was SOOOO happy I made a fool of myself to win the tickets.

2. My first concert was The Carpenters at the Atlanta Civic Center. I was only like 5 - thanks mom for this special memory.

3. I HATE crowds #1. When I was a senior in high school, I spent a couple weeks in Europe on group trip from school. We were in Rome on Easter Sunday and I chose not to go Vatican City for mass as I had heard it was really packed. My Granny was so mad that I gave up the opportunity to see the Pope John Paul II on Easter Sunday....and yeah, she was SO right....but you know what goes through my mind at the time.........what if I have to go to the bathroom, or get separated from my peops. I also heard the pickpockets were bad....yeah of all places. Plus on that trip I had an experience ina crowded bakery where a man was up against me very close and happy to be around me EWWWWWW! ANYHOO, its a HUGE regret of the few I have.

4. I hate crowds #2........ I once passed out in a bar that was VERY crowded - good old PJ Haley's Nest. I was in college and I wasn't drunk as we had just gotten there and I had purchased my first beer of the evening...the last thing I remember was my beer bottle hitting the floor, I totally fell down and was out of it. Of course EVERYONE thought the passing out and falling to the floor was alcohol related, which it wasn't, I just was getting anxious being in that crowd, got hot, dizzy, saw myself falling in slow motion and heard the clink of the Coors Light on the floor. I was really embarrassed. Later in life, I was at County Cork in Buckhead same circumstance, just got there, bought a pint of Harp, and was overwhelmed by the crowd - being short does not help.....but my buds helped me get outside and get some fresh air before I fell over. Lets just say, surrounding myself in a crowd of tall people is not good for me.

5. Andy and I met in a yahoo chat room "30's Looking for Love". Now, neither of us CHOSE that room, we just logged in and hit start chatting now and because of our profiles apparently that is where we ended up. Before I met Andy I was very skeptical about people meeting online. I suppose you could say it was the best chat of my life as he was in Cali and I was in Atlanta at the time.

6. I am a cradle Catholic very active in my faith and yet, I can't tell you off the top of my head all the Mysteries reflected on when praying the rosary. I can tell you the Sorrowful ones - Agony in the Garden, Scourging at the Pillar, Jesus Carries the Cross, Crowning with Thorns, and The Crucifixion....but I cannot rattle off the Joyful, Glorious or Luminous mysteries. I also know you say the Sorrowful ones on Tues and Fridays, but can't tell you for the life of me what days the other ones go with. So yes, when I say the rosary, I have a cheat sheet ......or I am doing it with CD in my car so I just follow along. I feel like such a downer that I can only say off memory the Sorrowful ones....need to work on my Joy and Glory and Luminessence!

WELL, that wraps it now I must tag 6 other people.....

I choose.....(click on name to see blog)

1. Kathleen
2. Rachel
3. Lori
4. Julia
5. Mellie
6. Josie.....

Sorry if you have been double tagged......I need to expand my blog circle.

Good evening!


Lori said...

Great work ;).

I hate crowds too, but have never passed out, thank goodness! That must have been a big fear to miss THE POPE!

How nice you got to see JD before he died. "country roads, take me home..." :D

Josie said...

I can't believe you sang John Denver on the radio! I actually met him when I was a wee one, and have seen him in concert a few times. He holds a special place in my heart. I danced with my dad to "Sunshine on my Shoulders" at my wedding.

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I sang it and I won!!!! A friend of mine called me at work as she recognized my voice and had no idea about my love of JD. What a wonderful song to dance to your dad with!