Monday, October 20, 2008

WORST HAIR Disaster...its called the 80s

My friend and sister from another mother Kathleen tagged me regarding a bad hair cut. Here's a gem from the 80's when I was going to a sorority mixer at Ga Tech where the theme was "Come as something you are not" - insert Greg Allman singing "I'm no angel". Apparently Angels do wear watches.

I have to say, my friend Kathryn went as a white trash UGA fan which was a great outfit and she had a nice Hefty Bag dress, though I think the best costume was my roommate Thelma who went as a lamp, AND got pulled over on the way home. She got out of the ticket, but the officer had asked her to get out of the car and asked her why she had an extension cord tied around her waiste. Thelma was a VERY cute lamp.
Me not so much........what was I thinking with short permed frosted hair. After seeing this picture and a few others, Andy forbade me from having short hair again. No wonder I didn't date much back then....ick.
Now, I tag Julia, Kim, Mellisa and Karen. Lets see some bad hair!


Karen said...

Love your halo! That sounds like a fun party. :o)
I've had some bad hair over the years--it may take me a few days to dig up some photos, etc. :o)

Lori said...

thanks for posting yout photo! I have had thoughts of taking mine down! Lord, what were we all thinking!?

Kathryn said...

That trash bag was SO HOT! It was like being wrapped in Saran Wrap. Julie was the UGA fan, and I was just plain white trash. Fun times.

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

oops, I stand corrected. THanks Kathryn aka White Trash.