Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dream or Nightmare......Sarah meet Suri

Last week I had a dream that Suri Cruise was over for a playdate with Sarah Cate. She was a cute and sweet girl....when I mentioned her mom was on the way over to pick her up, she freaked out. She told me that she did not like her mom at all and didn't want to go with her. Her mom was always on her and always in the spotlight. She was actually talking very intelligently for a 3 year old. I tried to tell her that her mom was just like any other and that she loved Suri very much and was just trying to protect her from the public spotlight, after all its alot of pressure being talked about by the media - not that I would know - and that she had to deal with alot of things being said about her that weren't true and were mean.

Now Suri told me she didn't want to go with her mom, but much preferred her dad. In my dream I was shocked as you know I am not a fan of her dad so much, though he is a good actor, but personally he turns me off. She went on and on about how loving and supportive he was. I started to think maybe the little girl was nuts as there was no way her dad could be better than her mom. Then Tom walks in to pick her up.....I wake up.

So what the heck was that about? Perhaps I am a bit judgemental, your comments are appreciated.

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Donna said...

That's an odd dream. I'm not a fun of Tom Cruise either. Hmmm..would have thought that she'll b all over Katie.