Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What a Man Wednesday - RIP King of Pop

I am 5 years younger than Micheal Jackson, so needless to say, his music has been a part of my life since I can remember. Albums, Cassettes, CDs and now digital, I have had one his wonderful music on all the medians. I watched the cartoon, was dazzled by the videos and moved - to tears at times with his songs and lyrics. I had the Jackson 5 as a kid, Off the Wall in the high school
years, Thriller in college and Bad and Dangerous in my single days. So many great songs - how I loved dancing to PYT!!!!

I was quite surprised at how emotional I was to hear of his death. I never saw him in concert, though I wanted to and I feel like the superstar he was left us with all his trials - but perhaps I am the one who left him. I smile thinking how we all used to scream that high falsetto in college and pull up our pants, try to moonwalk and dance like him. When my sister and mom died in 1985, there were a couple Micheal Jackson songs I listened to by myself and would just cry as they moved me and brought me comfort.

I loved John Mayer's tribute at the memorial, and found this on youtube - check it out, which has some great images of the human being that was the king of pop. You can say what you want about MJ, but if you listen to the music, you can hear a part of his soul speaking. No denying the talent which appealed to just about everyone all over the world. My heart goes out to his kids - its hard to loose a parent so young, his mom - its not right to bury a child, and his siblings - no one can take the place of your beloved brother. I love a good funeral, and MJ's memorial was fantastic....though I admit I casket, umm that is a little overboard - but heck, its what his family wanted so who am I to criticize.

Rest in Peace Micheal Jackson, thanks for the wonderful memories of your music and good times with family and friends.

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