Saturday, July 11, 2009

The sweet SSSSSS of the record

You know, with the recent passing of MJ, on 2 occasions I was reminded of know, LP's and 45s.

My friend Laura bought 2 Thriller albums - one to keep and one to sell later thinking it would be worth something one day.....well, last week, it was worth $158 on eBay. Without shipping!

I also read someone who posted about getting a Jackson 5's single on the back of a box of alpha bits. I think I got that promo - remember how vinyl could be pressed on the back of cardboard or REALLY thin and just handed out.

One thing I loved about albums and single records (or cassettes or DVDs for that matter) that you don't have with digital music is you had the album and its jacket to hold onto. You had the liner notes to read. You could hold that music in your hand. You took it out of the jacket, put it on your player and the anticipation of the music with that sweet little hissing sound........

I had a variety of cheap record players. I really liked the "Close N Play" which you put your 45 on - then when you closed the lid, the needle just started playing.

I love it on Lost when they start a show with a record going know it is nice and dramatic. Watching that needle go over to the record.....anticipation.

I have my dad's old cheapo stereo with the record player, now I just need to get some records. Sadly I lost mine - well I had them at dad's house and he got rid of them. Shame on me for not keeping up with my stuff. Oh to have my Off the Wall or Supertramp Breakfast in America albums back - always thought this was the BEST cover......or ELO or Frampton Come Alive. Perhaps I should get some to play again for that time when Sarah goes to bed and Andy is out playing volleyball. How I would love to hear that hissing in anticipation of a great song again......which you know, you can on YouTube, but its not the same.

The 70's were a great time to grow up.

I am going to start blogging again regularly, and and have been thinking perhaps I need to dedicate one day a week or month to something from my youth that was totally the record - not for a huge readership, just to think about things that have made me happy. I have had a great life.


Michelle said...

I can totally relate to this post. I used to love that sound. Cassettes became more prevalent in my early teen years, but my MJ albums were just that. Albums.

My daughter will never know a record or tape or EIGHT TRACK! Yea, my baby music was on 8 track. My kids will never know the excitement from sitting by the radio all day waiting for them to play your favorite song so you can tape it. And hoping the DJ wouldn't talk too much over the beginning or end of your song. Its all so easy now. Just go download it on iTunes. Its cleaner sure. But not nearly as fun.

The Hartogs said...

I was just coming here to comment and found that Michelle wrote almost exactly what I was going to write so what she said! I remember the excitement of listening to the radio in the hopes of winning a contest. Speaking of MJ, I actually won the Victory album off the radio. I know my parents still have my Thriller album at home. I think next time I visit, I'm going to have to look through the albums and take some back home with me. I just hope I can find a record player to play them!