Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dog tooth cleaining.........

Friday Susie goes in to get her teeth cleaned at the vet. It will be the first time she has had this done. I have always been a little cheap when it comes to dog care and growing up we never had our dog's teeth cleaned. Susie's breath is REALLY stinky....I am talking rotten. I know and the vet confirmed, its from her nasty yellow teeth. So I decided to get them cleaned despite the underlying reason we have not done this in the past few years....I am afraid she will not wake up from the anesthesia.

I know its a small risk, but it is a risk and it could happen. I know of 2 people whose pets never woke up and this scares me. When we lost Caleb and I was lying in bed with my infected csection incision, Susie was there for me. She would lay next to my bed and look at me with her sweet eyes and expression telling me it would be ok. I did have a huge support when I was going through that, but let me tell you, my dog got me through it. When I was on bedrest with Sarah, susie was so happy to have me home all day. She kept me company and again gave me that sweet doggie smile. The thought of something happening to her kind of overwhelmed me for a while. I even told the vet last year, I just am not ready to do this, I can't lose her yet. He was very understanding.

Its sad to say, but I have decided within the past month if something happens and she doesn't wake up, its ok. She has had a very long and happy life with us. I will just pray that she does well on Friday because even though I think its ok if something happens, she still brings me so much joy. She is such a loyal companion and loves me no matter what. I guess we just need some extra special time to love on eachother....just in case.

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Donna said...

awww...I will be thinking of Susie on Friday.I'm sure that it can get scary but Susie will be having that colgate smile again soon :)