Friday, July 18, 2008

Shorts on head

I think Sarah Cate is going to be the life of the party when she is older...the other day she came running to me in the kitchen with her shorts on her head. The last time I saw her before that, she was walking into her Little Tykes Garden...fully apparently when she was in the garden, she thought it would be awesome to take off her shorts and put them on her head. I am proud she was able to do this without drawing attention to herself...or maybe I should pay more attention! It was a very cute site with her running to me with those Old Navy shorts on her head.

Her cuteness never ceases to amaze me.


Harris Boys said...

haha sc looks very proud of herself and kuddos for getting them on without help...the boys hate anything on their heads...

julia said...


If you can teach her a keg stand, she'll be well prepared for college!!