Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Cow Appreciation Day

Big day for Sarah Cate. We took Grandpa shopping at Publix and hung out at St George's Village for a little while, played at the playground and enjoyed free nuggets and a sammy lunch at Chick Fil A. Its Cow Appreciation Day, if you dress like a cow you get a free meal - we just printed out hats from their website. She LOVES those nuggets from Chik Fil A. And let me tell you, she is as addicted to the waffle fries as mom, though I have been TRYING to abstain lately, though today we shared and order.

Yes, they do have SEE FOOD at CFA. You can see the waffle fries in Sarah Cate's mouth :-)

Now that I think of it, we should have had breakfast at one for free also.

After lunch we celebrated by stocking up on some steaks on sale at Publix. Kind of ironic after all the chik fil a marketing..... but we love our red meat and while we eat it very sparingly, can't do without our beef.


Kathleen said...

No one in our house would dress up! Guess when they have to pay for it themselves, they might consider it. I, did not, less I be mistaken for the real thing...(hee hee and little self-deprecating humor!)

Karen said...

How adorable is she!? Love the "See food" LOL! Too cute!