Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Boy Named Joe.............

**** kleenex alert *****

I recently joined facebook which is a great way to reconnect with people you haven't seen for many years. I joined at the suggestion of one my AGD sorority sisters and sure enough I started reconnecting with other Ga Tech AGDs.

One of my friends and sisters is named Sharon. Sharon was one smart cookie at Ga Tech,....she really blew me away academically, well most people did at Ga Tech to be honest - I am just proud I graduated. I noticed on her picture she looked GREAT pretty much the same as in college, which was back in the 80s so its been a while. She commented that her kids were keeping her young.

I noticed in her profile she posted a website on youtube, so I decided to watch it. Its a beautiful video about her son Joe entitled "My Disabled Son Joe - Tetrasomy 8p + Mosaic Down Syndrome - Part 1 - Medical/Life". What touched me the most is that this boy was not supposed to make it and asked twice if she wanted to terminate her pregnancy and she said No. I know from my sister Mary Beth, that any child that is not "normal" can bring so many blessings to a family.

I thought I would share Joe's story with you. I can only imagine how its been being Joe's mom, with his diagnosis and constant medical care. I am sure its been an emotional roller coaster at times, but I know from my family what a blessing it is to have the perspective of someone who is not "normal".

Sharon, thanks for your leap of faith and for sharing your journey and your lovely family.

To see Joe's story, click here.

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