Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Thankful.....

Its been a good day in our household despite the Hand Foot and Mouth disease Sarah picked up which was diagnosed yesterday. Its really just a virus, but is contagious so we stayed home instead of going to my sister's as planned. I didn't want to expose my dad who is 82 and in assisted living as our pediatrician told us to keep her secluded the next few days.

I am proud of myself as I threw together quite the nice little feast in less than 24 hours notice. We had Turkey - I actually had a butterball turkey roast in my freezer so just used that and boy was it good, mashed potatoes, stuffing...yeah I cheated it was just stove top which is easy, green beans - the frozen ones you steam in microwave...this would be the healthy portion of our meal, Sister Schubert's rolls....umm umm, and a pumpkin souffle....actually the recipe was for sweet potato but I just substituted the pumpkin as I had a can in the pantry, it was QUITE good also. I purchased 2 pieces of frozen pecan pie and some ice cream which we will have for dessert. I know pecan pie is HORRID when it comes to nutrition, but I figured 2 pieces were better than buying a whole pie. Sarah loved the mashed potatoes and pumpkin.

I have been thinking of what I am thankful of and here is my list........

* My CAT scan came back great, no sign of heart disease. So to stay healthy its up to me in my diet and exercise which I am working on, well not so much the diet today.

* My husband...I have a good one. He is kind, loving and supportive of me. He is loyal and a great provider for our family.

* Andy's job......I am blessed I can stay home with Sarah and am grateful Andy has a job he likes that seems to be stable. I am also thankful should something happen, he has got GREAT development skills so even if he loses his job in this economy which in unlikely right this second, but you never know, he should be able to find something...even contract.

* My friends.....I have been blessed through the years with great friends. Wonderful people just keep coming my way.

* My faith......I am blessed I can worship as I want in this great country of ours. I thank my family for how I was raised, I thank my teachers at 12 years of parochial school for contributing to my faith and knowledge, I thank the many wonderful priests who have been wonderful Shepards for me....... most esp Fr Kenny RIP.

* My family in heaven....I am trying not to focus on what I don't have lately and have realized the people I have known and loved that have left this life have truly been a blessing to me. I miss my Mom, sister Mary Beth and Jack my brother, but boy were they a great family to be around when they were here......and of course my sweet Caleb, in the 8 days he was on earth I learned more about myself and my family with Andy than I have in many years.

* The fact I bought size 10 jeans last week....sure this is superficial...but a year ago I bought a size larger and they were TIGHT as the10s are now. The new 10s look good, but there is a little muffin thing going on, so I have to wear the right tops to hide that....BUT Andy said they look great. I know with a little work, they could be baggy and that is my goal.

So that is all I can think of.....

Happy Thanksgiving! May your families be blessed this holiday season.....may we all focus on the real meaning of Christmas and not get bummed with all the commercialism.

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Lori said...

i should not have purchased the whole pecan pie! you have such restraint!

sounds like a good day! we stayed home too...