Saturday, November 22, 2008

Its official....I LOVE hospitals

I had a Coronary CAT Scan yesterday. At my physical, my doctor told me while not covered by insurance, he thought with my family history and my age it would probably be a good idea to check and see if I have any signs of blockages.

Background.....Mom died of heart attack at the age of 54, brother died of heart attack at the age of 52. Both smoked and my mother had high blood pressure. I quit smoking 10 years ago, and all my vitals were good at the physical but to be safe I decided to pay the money and do the test.

I had to go to the hospital....and was actually looking forward to the test. I had it at Piedmont - I have a lot of history with this place so I always like going there anyway as the people who wore there are so nice. I checked in and was taken back to imaging pretty quickly. I undressed from the waste up and put on a hospital gown - which you know I don't mind wearing. When I layed on the table they put a warmed sheet on top of me.....see this is one of the things I LOVE about the hospital, heated sheets. When would someone do that for you at home...... ummmmmmm NEVER. Anyhoo, they raised me up and slid me under the imaging device to get a good look at my heart and the arteries around it. They are looking for any calcium buildup or blockages.

My doctor will call me next week with the results....which will indicate if I am at risk for heart disease, ie if there are any early signs it has started. When that big old CAT Scan device started whirring away, I was SO relaxed and fascinated with the whole thing. I could get a report back I am ok, and everything looks great, I could get a report that there are some signs that things are looking not so great. He could tell me to take a low dosage aspirin daily, put me on some kind of medication, refer me to a cardiologist, or do nothing. Whatever the outcome I am glad I did it as I have to take care of Sarah and am hoping I will be around to see her graduate.

On my drive home I realized I LOVE going to the doctor and hospitals. I don't mind tests, or being poked prodded or stuck. I don't mind the gown. I love the attention and being taken care of. I have had experience with hospitals in my family.....and when I was pregnant with both Caleb and Sarah had hospital stays. After I delivered Sarah, I didn't want to leave....the nurses were so nice and helpful and I didn't need to worry about anything. I had many prenatal visits to the OB and Perinatolgist when I was pregnant with Sarah and LOVED going to the office, I looked forward to it. I have had the same dentist since I was 8 and you know I like going to see him also. Maybe its just I get a few minutes to just sit back and let someone take care of me in some capacity. And though I don't see my general practitioner often, he is the best...what a nice doctor!

Now with my realization of my affection for hospitals and healthcare do I WANT to end up in a hospital.....of course not. I thank God for my health as much as I remember, but I have to say, I certainly don't mind going at all. I am hoping my test shows that I am good and don't need to do anything other than eat healthy and exercise, which I am working on daily.

May God Bless all the health care workers in this country. I have been so blessed to have had some excellent care, so I ask a special blessing for those who have so wonderfully treated my family and me.


Karen said...

It takes a special kind of person to work in health care. :o) I can understand where you are coming from on feeling pampered and having someone take care of you.

Tina said...

I always imagine angels hovering over physicians and surgeons and patients and loved ones alike. Sometimes we are there for healing, and sometimes for passing from this part of life into another, but there is no doubt that hospitals are a place of care-giving, and there is nothing like the human touch from a compassionate soul, or skilled hands.