Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a Man Wednesday......Cowboy and a Jarhead

Sometimes I wonder if the fact a 40 something woman can look at a 20 something man and he is a little wrong. But alas, I have to give props to one hot 20 something.. Granted, the JJ man of the week is in his upper 20's and I think he is a great actor - so its not JUST about good looks. He is totally adorable, another blue eyed brunette beauty. What an incredibly nice face - you just want to cuddle up with this guy. In my younger days, I think with his looks and demeanor, he would have been on my top 5 list and I would have had a mad crush on him. Note, I don not really like facial hair, so I prefer the clean shaven version. A former lifeguard, looks great wet

I give you Jake Gyllenhaal.


The Nichols' said...
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The Nichols' said...

I would have to agree completely! He is quite lovely to look at :)