Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cuddle Time

I am so happy when my sweet Sarah decides to cuddle. In the mornings, Andy or I will go get her out of her crib when we hear her and bring her to our bed. The past few mornings she has gone back to sleep in between us all snuggled up to one of us. I love having her so close and snuggly. Most mornings she just wants us to get up or sits on my tummy wanting me to give her one of my special rides. There is nothing sweeter than seeing her angelic face asleep. I know why so many people co-sleep - but I still wouldn't go that route, its not for me. Having that short nap time in the morning is good enough.

Speaking of naps, today when I was rocking Sarah before he nap she sacked out on me. I could have just dozed off myself but decided to let her nap in the crib. I loved it when she was a baby and would sleep in my arms. I spent many nights dozing off after feeding her with her snoozing away.

Being a mom is the best.

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