Thursday, April 10, 2008

Silent Phone

NOTE: SAHM= stay at home mom

My phone has been SO quiet the past few days...ok months. My dad used to call me like 3 times a day "just callin' to say howdy" or "just callin' to see how your lunch was", you get the picture. Dad has always been a caller. He used to drive my mom nuts when he called her at work so many times....I don't think it was a control thing, he just liked to chat with us during the day. He has always called me alot also from the time I went away to college......"Don't forget to go to Mass....." and the like. Dad is now in assisted living and his mind has really started to go - he isn't calling me either. He just isn't remembering things at all. Its very sad. I know I used to complain that his calling drove me crazy also, but now I miss it. Its just another sign of how things constantly change as we age. To those who listened to me whine about dad and many other things, may God Bless you...side note, I don't know how so many people put up with my whining.

I feel as though I am going through one of those times in life where everything changes and for me its due to being a SAHM. I really don't know anyone else with a baby Sarah's age or on the same nap schedule right now who is a SAHM other then my wonderful cousin Lyn who I call daily. May God doubly bless Lyn who has been a lifelong listener of my whining AND is my daily mom conversationalist. I know lots of moms with younger babies, but they are on different routine, so its hard to hang out because when Sarah is active and playing their kids are napping and vice versa. I was sad about this for a while, but it hit me how many times in my life God has given me these wonderful people to whatever I was going through. So I guess its just time for those new people and here I sit patiently with a silent phone. Maybe I should just pick it up and start doing some dialing myself. Don't get me wrong, I know lots of great and wonderful people, so its not like I am feeling sorry for myself, I just realized I need to start doing some dialing.

But I will say, I love this solidarity I am developing with Sarah. We are thick as thieves and I wouldn't give up our time together for anything....though I am so thrilled about next year when she is in Mom's Morning Out and I will be running around enjoying my "alone time". I am sure my phone will be ringing off the hook and I will be missing my peace. I am just never happy. :-)

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