Saturday, April 26, 2008

March for Babies Today

Today was the big day.......we walked in the March of Dimes March for Babies in Memory of Caleb. The forecast was for scattered showers so at the last minute we decided to just do the walk up in Roswell....which is actually closer with none of the traffic or parking headaches of downtown. The weather was WONDERFUL!!!! Sunny and breezy, perfect for our 6.2 mile stroll. I liked the route better than downtown also, more trees, streams, old houses, through the historic cemetray...really nice.

As we pulled up in the parking lot I started to cry. I miss my little guy so much. He was born 16 weeks early and never had a great chance, but we gave it to him. Its hard at the walk to see all the success stories- since our story is a tragedy, though it does get easier every year. I only cried in the car not as the race started which I suppose is one of those signs of "moving on". Not that its bad, but it takes alot longer than most people can imagine, afterall its been 4 years since we lost Caleb. Sarah was mesmerized by the people and her long ride in the stroller with the was too hot for me to wear her on my back. She had a great time before the race walking around, that cute smile on her face. She had a 2 hour nap so it must have wore her out.
We wore the shirts I made in 2006 when I was a building Captain at Bellsouth - and our building raised the most money. I like the fact the shirts have Bellsouth on the back, which is now AT&T, as my company was so supportive of me through everything with Caleb and Sarah. When I wore that shirt, we had just found out we were pregnant so its kind of special to me. I wrote Caleb's name on the front, a little boy angel patch and the fact he was born 16 weeks too soon along with his birthday and angel day. Sure its blue tye die, but its a VERY special shirt to me. Andy wore his too.

It was a beautiful walk and I am grateful that the March of Dimes is addressing the issue of rising premature births in the US. We can thank them for finding the value of folic acid for pregnant moms and all the work they do to educate women on important prenatal care. Their research let to the finding that progesterone seemed to help women with a history of premature birth make it longer in subsequent pregnancies.....which helped us with Sarah, I didn't start contracting with her until 32weeks. They also have an excellent grief packet. I am so grateful to the work they do to try to save babies lives. Its an honor to raise money to help fight this battle.

I thought of Caleb alot as we were walking. As we approached the finish, I told Andy that Caleb was in heaven and we needed to remember that, he was in perfect happiness and joy with God. He gave his "Yep".

Thanks to my sponsors for making another successful walk on this fun day. Who knows where we will walk next year, its kind of fun doing them in different places. So far we have done Atlanta, Asheville NC and Roswell. I will post some pics.

I am very sad that they didn't have a moment of silence for all the premature babies that didn't get to go home with mom and dad, I think I will email them...... Other than that it was perfect.

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Karen said...

What a touching post. I used to work for the March of Dimes. Your Caleb lives on in your hearts, and his story is still touching lives.