Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Diet Week 1

So far so good. I am down 4lbs! I stuck with the diet all week. I think I missed drinking a beer at the German Restaurant on Saturday night the most, but until I drop a few lbs, no beer for me. :-( I can't feel TOO sorry for myself, I enjoyed many beers getting to my size. So I have 18lbs to go to reach my goal. Andy is also down 4lbs.....way to go! Seriously, following the South Beach diet has not been that hard, I just can't wait to get to phase 2 next week and add grains and fruit back in.

Gotta run to make my mini breakfast quiches and stuffed mushrooms for dinner tomorrow night.


Donna said...

Hi Julie! Want to u give u a blog shoutout! Keep up the good work on ur diet. I need to get on one soon.

Donna said...
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