Saturday, April 5, 2008

Surf's Up

While channel surfing I caught some scenes of some guy surfing in what appeared to be Hawaii and it got me thinking how much I am NOT a surfer.

I hate being in the ocean over my head. I love the Ocean, but I get really scared when there is water and who knows what creatures are between me and the bottom. I am an ok, not great swimmer but an EXCELLENT floater. I have always been afraid when swimming in the ocean to go much further than waist deep. Maybe its because of seeing Jaws at such a young age. Now there are some really great scary ocean scenes in that movie. I can watch it over and over again. I have tried snorkeling a few times, but ehh, I could do without. I was really scared when we were like 10 feet from a very large baracuda....I was with Jack my brother in Key West and just GRABBED his hand for dear life and swam VERY close to him. I do LOVE being on a boat though, go figure.

Watching the dude paddle way out to the big waves I thought how scary that would be for me. And the thought popped in my head about how a man on a surfboard from beneath to a shark resembles a walrus or seal....basically, shark food...I must have gotten that fact on the Discovery Channel during Shark week.

As the surfer stepped up and started to catch the waive, I thought how scary that would be to ride a huge waive like he was. I thought about how it would hurt if you fell and the board popped you on the head. I wondered if the speed would make me nervous. I have always also wondered how in the world do they avoid the other surfers, but I guess that just takes control of the board.

It truly must be an awesome feeling flying along on that board. I love the Ocean, the smells, the breezes, the become a part of the waive, wow, that would be cool.

But umm, no thanks.

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Rachel said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. I didn't know you had one too. I will have to add you to my link list.

I spent my first 8 years in the ocean town of Southampton, NY. I LOVE the beach, ad have many surfers in my family...but I was never remotely interested in doing it myself either! LOL

I read through your blog. I love what you said about missing your big brother.
My Andrew is 10.5 years older than Autumn. I hope he is around for a very long time for her. She loves him like you love your brother. Of course, Ben loves him too!

Well, time to buy the donuts and get the (good) coffee going at church for our CRHP drive. See you tonite.