Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sarah Loves Peter Griffin

I try my best not to have the TV on anything but PBS and I try to limit it. I will admit there are times when I feed her breakfast I have the news on, and sometimes in the afternoon I see whats on Oprah....but really, I try to keep it off since its a toddler magnet. Andy loves watching the Family Guy, I admit its very funny and has some great one liners. But this is an adult show and I don't want Sarah to watch it. I mean she is only 17mos. He will have this on when Sarah is around so I am sure she watches it. Her newest fave activity is pulling out DVDs from the cabinet we store them in. She alwyas has a HUGE smile when she sees one of the Family Guy ones and points to Peter Griffin and laughs. The funny thing about Andy and the TV, if Barney or Teletubbies comes on he turns it off lightening fast. Why doesn't he get why a toddler doesn't need to learn of the Griffin's, as funny as they are.

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