Sunday, September 7, 2008

Babywearing in the heat......

With SC approaching 2 my babywearing days are numbered....heck, she is not a baby anymore its toddler wearing now. When we went to Hilton Head, we did a sidetrip to Savannah and I wore her on my back thinking it would be easier than a stroller, which it was...but MAN THAT WAS HOT! Savannah in late August is not the smartest idea, but we enjoyed it despite the humid heat. Thought I would share some pics, proud mom and semi attached parent that I am.

In one of the many squares we walked through....looking relatively happy but hot. Perhaps Forrest Gump was eating chocolates here.

Starting to get hot and tired of being on my back.

Hmm....What can I do to get down from here?

Free at last, one sweaty girl.

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