Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I love Wednesdays

1. Mother's Morning Out....finally a break from Sarah Cate. Sure I miss her, but she loves school so much its great to know she is happy and well cared for and mommy can hang out with friends, exercise, go the the chapel....or do whatever she wants without having to watch Sarah Cate.

2. My Christ Renews His Parish Group at church. We meet on Wednesday nights and its wonderful getting to know these women and preparing for the next retreat. I cannot put into words the blessings I have recieved from this it gets me out of the house.

3. What a Man Wednesday Blog. Its fun to find pics and to share on the I find myself thinking all day like a teenager how hot or good looking or why I like the guy in my blog. With some of my lifelong crushes, it can really take me back also!

I know its Friday, which I am so happy about as its our family dinner out....BUT Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

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