Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pony Rides

Went to the Sandy Springs festival this weekend with my neighbor and her kids while our darling husbands enjoyed a guys weekend.....that culminated in viewing the Chiefs get clobbered by the Falcons.

Debbie's beautiful girls are 7 and 4. When we got to the kids area the first thing they wanted to do was ride the ponys. And escorted jaunt around the grounds of the William Payne house. So Debbie forked over the $5 per child and off they went. I swear, not a minute went by and they were done. It was truly the biggest rip off...I am mad now I didn't comment to the man in charge that it was a shame the rides were SO short.

For $5 I can get approximately 1.25 gallons of gas in my van. That will at least get me 15miles or as many as 24 on a good day. I think the festival pony rides were only like 100 feet. I know the pony's have to be fed, groomed and then you have the people who walk the ponies with the kids on them which I am sure are not volunteers.....but come one....let the fun last a little longer.

While Debbie and I were kind of PO'd - and I was SO glad Sarah was too young, those girls were SO happy about their pony rides. They talked about it all weekend with pure joy. I mean, what can I buy for $5 that will give me no guilt and pure joy to surely last for days if not weeks. I need to find my own special pony ride. Maybe it was a good $5 investment afterall.


Lori said...

love the post! what a rip! but the funny things is the girls were nonw the wiser! it's the small, or in this case short, things in life that thrill them!

and for the 5 bucks...I could hop on down to the mexican rest. on the corner and get me good margarita with no guilt, although sadly the effects would not last a week!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I know the $5 things to make me happy only last momentarily...come to think of it...what can you buy for $5 these days.....

Donna said...

What a rip off....We are cheapos so that really bug me to no end.