Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What a Man Wednesday.....To Africa We go

So we start the 17th season of Survivor Thursday night in Gabon and I am so excited. I love this show. While I haven't watched every season, I have totally been hooked the past few. You think it would get old, but the casts are entertaining and the Tribal Councils are fun thanks to our man Jeff Probst. Sure its all in the editing - I mean that is what "reality" shows are about, but who can resist that smile and those dimples. I think Jeff is great at getting those castaways to talk and perhaps turn on eachother. I bet he is fun to hang out with.
So Jeff.... here's to another great season of Survivor. Survivors are ready and the tribe has spoken.


Lori said...

he is just HOT. Hot! love him! he makes the show worth watching!

Lori said...

by the way, the first pic makes me laugh! looks like he has a horn growing out the side of his head!

Blogger Julie In Atlanta said...

I know that is why i picked it...LOL. I was out tonight, so I will watch the TIVO tomorrow!