Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What a man in a skirt Wednesday

Little known fact, I am 1/4 Scots on my dad's side.......the Smiths came from Scotland and I am also a part of the Macleod clan.

As homage to my "people" this week I give you a most excellents Scotsman.... another incredible actor and seemingly nice guy IRL - in real life. Whether playing a herion addict, singing a love song at the Moulin Rouge, portraying the happy go lucky man's man of the early 60's Catcher Block - oh how I love a clean cut man in a suit - or training Jedi with Yoda, this man totally grabs my attention. What an absolutely fantastic face and I would love for him to sing love songs to me, lucky Nicole!

He is totally gorgeous to me. You know, I can see similarities to the man and Andy my beloved husband who fully supports my need to share good looking men in my blog.

I give you for your viewing pleasure....Ewan Gordon McGregor

Ewan, the force will be with you.....


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