Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye layette....

Today I dropped off 135 items to a consignment sale. They were Sarah's baby clothes. I know they are just fabric, but there are some wonderful memories attached to those clothes. I was hoping to use them for another baby, but well you guys know at my age...almost 44....and the fact we have been trying since Sarah was 6months...she is now 22months, I think its time I just let go of the things and enjoy what I have.

I do feel better, that is alot of clutter gone, but it was very hard for me to go through all that stuff and get it ready for the sale. I take joy in knowing that some people will get some really cute things at a great price. All of the stuff I sent was in great condition.

I ran out of hangers last night and saftey pins, so I still have a few things. Its funny how we can get so emotionally attached to things.

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Lori said...

ahh, hard thing to do! my 'babies' are 6 and 4, and I still have so many baby clothes. the baby stuff we got rid of, but the clothes...not ready. but maybe you motivated me!