Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dad update

I spent a lot of time today with Dad at the hospital......most of the day and a couple hours this evening. Its not easy sitting with him, he looks so frail and is out of it. He keeps pulling the tube out of his nose which drains his stomach...he is blocked in his intestines so this tube is keeping things moving out. I am sure its NOT comfortable. He was trying to get out of bed tonight to leave and go home. He is so weak and confused, he can't lift the blanket off his body. Because he keeps trying to pull the tube out and "escape", they have him restrained in the bed...which I totally understand, but its so sad. He is also seeing things and people that well, I didn't see. Uncle Jim, if you were with us tonight, thanks for beign there for Dad....FYI Uncle Jim dad's brother died many years ago and dad asked Jim for help and told me he was there as he pointed to the corner. H was also trying to eat food that wasn't there -its all so hard.

The doctor this morning said he remarkedly looked better, but things were still grave and if he is still hanging in on Monday we need to start taking hospice.

I prayed to dad alot....we did the divine mercy chaplet, scriptural stations of the cross, rosary and I read a bunch of prayers. I also sang with him Salve Regina, which calmed him down and had him singing. One of the nurses actually stopped by the door to watch us sing. I asked him if he liked me reading to him and he said "no"..oh well......

I am so tired, its hard to witness this and then come home and take care of a 2 year old. OK I am off to eat a piece of carrot cake, got to have my veggies, and off to bed. I am looking forward to going to Mass tomorrow to see my faithful friends at church.

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers, they are helping keep me sane. Pray for Andy who has extra Sarah duty and had a visit with his family cut short to deal with dad.

God, I know you have a purpose for everything, and your will be done, but please have mercy on my dad and get him out of that bed. If he can never walk outside again to enjoy your creation, please take him to your paradise. Its hard seeing him as an invalid, please give me strength and peace.


Donna said...

Julie. I'm praying for your Dad. Prayer is powerful and can bring miracles. My Dad was in the same boat 7 years ago. I remember the time when they had to constrain him because he was pulling his tubes. I was so shocked to see my father in that state so I'm sure that you were too when you saw yours. Hang in there sweetie. I am praying for your Dad as well as for his caretakers.

Lori said...

Julie, i have had you all in my thoughts all day...
much love and prayers

Kathleen said...

praying... st. andrew's for Mass tomorrow? 9:00?