Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a man wednesday....Officer Tom Hanson and Barnabas Collins

Remember the 80's and 21 Jump Street...with Officer Tom Hanson who looked like he could be in High School and was oh so dreamy. Our Man of the week's debut was actually in the classic "A Nightmare on Elm Street". I think my personal favorites of his were Donny Brasco and Blow. Of course Captain Jack is alot of fun and he was totally dreamy in Chocolat. Personally I think one of the most beautiful faces around...he looks great pretty much any way you see him....long hair, short hair, glasses, facial hair, clean shaven....he always looks fantastic. His next project is in the role of Barnabas Collins in his bud Tim Burton's adaptation of Dark Shadows....that show used to scare me on TV. Seems pretty humble when he is interviewed.
To my sister Jill, this one is for you!
I give you the talented and beautiful Johnny Depp.


Lori said...

looooooove him!
so mysterious,complex,and well, just cute!

Michelle said...

I love that man. He is beautiful. I have loved almost every movie of his.