Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

I spent a few hours this evening with dad. He is worse than yesterday, the tube is back in and alot more stuff is backing up. He looks weaker also. He complained to me of pain today for the first time.....and he desperately wants a cup of coffee.

He also looked at me at one point and said "I am dying"....which just broke my heart. I feel like things aren't good and perhaps I agree, and I just wish he had better circumstances. Hell if he is dying, can I just give him a cup of coffee.....

Despite all the uncomfort of being in a bed for a week with a tube down his nose to his stomach dad is doing remarkably well....esp considering he is quite the hard hospital patient normally. When he was getting upset or in alot of pain he started to pray. He didn't cuss or yell at anyone and he smiled alot. He is kind of out of it as he keeps saying he is ready to walk back to his bedroom.

Tomorrow is Andy's last day off and then its back to work for him, so I will need to plan my visits with dad better so Sarah has someone to watch her.

Thanks for your prayers. My personal opinion, is that dad won't leave the hospital, but I haven't spoken with a doctor so who knows. My sister is the official doctor contact so unless I happen to catch the doctor when I am at the hospital, then she won't call me, she would call my sister....this is VERY frustrating to me, but I know where she is coming from.

Peace to all this last day of 2008.

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Karen said...

Thinking of you and your father, Julie. He is lucky to have such caring daughters.