Saturday, December 27, 2008


So after a 3 hour delay due to a mechanical issue with the plane we are home.....I felt good we FINALLY got a new plane, but not so great about our arrival time in the ATL. Props to Delta who changed our return flight with NO fee, they did confirm with the hospital that dad was there though. They were also very nice about the delay, and we got free headsets and tons of snacks and the whole can to drink. Wahoo!

Its late and I know I need to go to bed, but the thought of me going to the hospital in the morning to see my dad on his "deathbed" is not so appealing. I am happy dad had last rites today which I am glad. My sister told me the priest told her to tell dad its ok to leave us, which we are both fine with as he is ready and we don't want to see him infirmed. He also told her to tell him she forgave him for anything she needed to and to ask for him to forgive her for anything he needed to...which you know is nice, I will do the same in the morning. I do feel as though I haven't been seeing dad enough, so I will tell him and ask him to please forgive me.

I saw dad on Monday, I went to the store for him. It was so cold, I just shopped for him and dropped the stuff off. When I was leaving he asked if I would take him for a ride, so I did, albeit a short one...which of course I now regret. When we said goodbye, sarah was with me, I told her to say goodbye to grandpa and she said "By Poppa"....which is the first time she has said poppa. She also gave him a hug and kiss which makes me feel good, it was a special moment. I will say, when I left him I was crying, he did seem kind of off to me....more spacy than normal.

The doctors don't know how long he will last but my sister told me today that one of the doctors said it was just a matter of days at this point.

Off to bed I go................... another long day tomorrow.

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Karen said...

Julie, I am glad you made it back to Atlanta safely. I hope your day is a good one and that God gives you some special moments with your father today. Thinking of you and your family with love and prayers. ((HUGS)) Love, Karen