Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miraculous Movement

Good news and TMI....dad had a bowel movement! This means that his intestines are not fully blocked and blood is flowing as it should be. My sister told me he is resting and looks good, just weak. He is still a little confused, but that is just his normal state these days. He keeps asking to go lay down in his bed.

To recap:
Hernia......not near as big as it was nor inflamed. But its still pretty big. No surgery will be performed, though it is needed. Trying to heal with nonsurgical means.

Ulcer....the bleeding is much less and he isn't getting sick, so no tube to pump stomach needed. This is the best news, as he kept pulling it out and it had to hurt being put back in. Plus who wants a tube sticking out of their nose that goes down to the stomach....makes me gag thinking about it!

Intestinal Blockage...things are moving!

I am about to head out to visit him a while, just thought I would share the good news.

Please keep praying, I am still very down about things......I may appear strong, but heck I am human and asking why is dad going through this, why did I have to give up my xmas vacation and all the fun things we had planned. Yeah I know, sounds selfish, but I thought I would confess. Both my sister and I are tired, this is so emotional for us.

On a positive note when Fr Fabio gave dad the last rites on Thursday , he told my sister to forgive dad of anything she was carrying around and to also ask if he needed her forgiveness and to let him know it was OK to go. That was some great advice as I did this also when I got back and you know it felt good. Maybe the life lesson here we shouldn't carry stuff around with us and wait until its too late to let it go..... if we are sorry for something we have done to our loved ones, why not just let them know.

Delta was great at getting us back, though I lost my phone, I think it fell out of my purse on the plane ....which is OK, it was old anyway and I need a new one. The hospital is fantastic, what a great staff. Kind of renews your hope in humans to see others taking such compassionate care of the sick AND attending to the families.

I talked to dad's old church and they will be praying for him. I also contacted the church that covers the hospital and dad is on the list of receiving communion when they go visit. That makes me happy as dad loves receiving Jesus!

I am so glad things are moving as he must feel SO much better! The tube has been out all day also, THANK YOU LORD! I am thinking yesterday I was too doom and gloom in my post.....maybe he will be going back to his community, though in a different area. I know he will NOT be happy about that, but we will cross that bridge later.

Please keep praying for us. My dad's name is Jack and he is NOT the best of patients and he hates hospitals....but so far he is doing OK considering. He is still restrained in the bed, but its for the best.

I will keep you updated.

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Lori said...

Jack is still in my prayers! as are you and yours!