Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another reason I hate cell phones

Today was a gorgeous prelude to spring, sunny and just beautiful. On a lark we decided to head to the park to catch some rays, see the river and play on the playground. I love being a SAHM for this reason, its like college you can just go enjoy being outside.

We play on the playground, walk the path and play in the field. I have noticed on several visits alot of parents spend time talking on the cell phone at the same time as playing with their kids. Come on, pay some attention to your child! Don't you know playground equipment is among the most hazardous things for a child. I really don't get it. Why push your baby on the swing if you are having an animated conversation at the same time. Don't you think the kid is picking up on the fact that they aren't the most imporant thing to you at the moment. I myself got a call from my dear hubby while at the park, but I kept it short......and I moved away from the equipment. I am not talking about these short "what's for dinner" type calls either.

I guess I am old fashioned and long for the days when we all weren't so connected. Its too easy to disconnect with those we are with when we pick up our cell phones.

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