Monday, March 10, 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar

Andy and I had a date...yippee!!!! We went to see the show Jesus Christ Superstar which was fantastic. The story is very well known by many, but centers around Judas' struggle with Jesus. In the show he is almost jealous of him, which IMO is taking liberties, but still provides some great entertainment in the last days of Christ. Beautiful score and the staging was perfection. I don't know who the lighting guy was, but total kudos!!!!! They were basically on a bare stage the whole show, but man those lights...and that choreography really added to an already powerful story.

Jesus was played by Ted Neely, who has an awesome stage presence. BUT he played Jesus in the movie in its a stretch to see him and think of Jesus who was MUCH younger. He did a fantastic job acting and his singing was good, but a bit raspy at times. The crucifixion was incredible.....Ted really showed agony and the torment of Jesus's death without any bloodshed or special effects. It was just distracting at times to see an older man playing Jesus...sorry Ted, you did good, but not my choice for casting.

Judas was played by an understudy who did an AMAZING job. His voice was riveting and you would never know that he wasn't Judas everyday in the production. The lead Corey Glover who was the lead singer for In Living Colour apparently wasn't up to our matinee... I was bummed but when I heard the understudy belt out Heaven on Their Minds I thought....Eh, Corey get your rest for tonights show, we have a real showman out here. What a joy it must have been for the guy who performed, esp to get a standing ovation.

Mary Magdeline had and AMAZING voice. She really added so much with her beautiful renditions of I don't know how to love him and everything's alright. Herod a comic relief character in the play was a riot.....loved his orange crocs.

I have always loved musicals. They can really get to me. The joining of one voice to many is one of the most beautiful sounds I think exists. One voice can beautiful but when you start adding layer upon layer of sound it becomes something incredible. I can well up with tears when I hear all those harmonies. This musical adds to the element of great songs the passion of the Christ. What a fantastic combination.

Watching the scenes with the disicples wandering around I found myself wondering what it must have been like to have been one of them....or one of the women who traveled with them, which was pretty much unheard of in those days. You never really see Jesus joking but I bet he had an incredibly dynamic magnetic appearance and was alot of fun to be around. I mean who would have been drawn to a wet noodle you know. And sure they weren't going around singing Andrew Lloyd Weber songs, but seeing that depicted on stage I can't help but wonder what a wonderful family those disciples were. I think Jesus was very entertaining with "shows" and stories of the deepest message. But it wasn't mere entertainment, it was life giving words.

In my women's group we end the night by hugging one another saying "the Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you". To write it here sounds kind of hippy and a little weird, but let me tell you.....its a very powerful affirmation. It means first I need to find the Jesus in me which isn't always easy to do with life's distractions AND then recognizing that Jesus is within all of us.

Think about it.

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