Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cocktails for 2

Tonight after dinner I was sitting on the couch working on some blankets to donate to the NICU when Andy came up from the basement and asked if I wanted a cocktail. Heck yes, I knew we were out of beer and had no cheap wine, so wondered what he had in mind. Yummy, Baileys Irish Creme - ok its NOT Baileys its Brendans which is a little cheaper.

He came over with a tiny little Juice Glass for me and a normal size cocktail glass for him. He then laughed and gave me the normal size drink while he went back and mixed his up. I was wondering if he was trying to tell me something about my habits in general. Do I need to drink a tiny drink.....I do like big beers and its hard for me to have just one of anything.

It was nice to just chill out with him and sip our cocktails. We should do that more often, it seems like lately we hardly spend any time together at night. Mental note....must do cocktails with husband once a week.

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