Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Left Turn Right Of Way

Did I miss a recent law change giving motorists turning left the right of way. I will be patiently waiting at a light listening to my tunes happy to be in the first car at the light spot when time and time again the light changes and the car coming towards me guns it and turns left in front of me. Last I heard, people turning left had to give oncoming traffic the right of way.

What is going on? Why do people feel they need to break the law and risk an accident. Are they in a hurry to a lifesaving or changing situation? Is it a sense of ego and self importance that they deserve to be the first?

Am I such a bad person for not cheerfully giving them the right of way. Does this make me less than polite or horribly self centered that I am mad because I WAS IN THE FIRST SPOT and the law is on my side. I am a self procraimed Christian, so do I have a right to let this upset me.....do unto others right? I mean shouldn't I WANT to let them go first? To be honest, I take pleasure in having that first spot at the light. I am so happy I get to be first and all others will follow me and my speed. But then.......wham, my joy is squished.

I think what upsets me is its yet another example of how our culture is becoming so self centered we are willing to sacrifice obeying laws and putting others safety first. Especially when driving, people read, eat, text, talk on phone AND just go when they please. Its really getting out of hand. Of course let those without sin cast the first stone.......Yep, still a work in progress here...... I will try not to be so self righteous about it...but then again, the law is the law.....

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