Monday, March 31, 2008

Wake Up Champ.......

Tonight on HBO Family I caught the 1979 movie "The Champ" - and yes, I was crying my eyes out when little TJ played fantastically by Ricky Schroeder was telling Billy the Champ Jon Voigt to wake up after the fight. I have to say, Rick - in his pre- Silver Spoons did a fantastic acting job, apparently this was his debut. He won a Golden Globe for his performance . He was so believeable and that kid cried many times in the movie. He was a real cute boy - really just a cute little boy. Good job Rick! Rick must be incredibly in tune with his emotions, sadly he lost a baby to a still birth and quit his job at NYPD Blue to deal with the grief...well that is what I have heard.....I believe he announced he wouldn't be returning to spend more time devoted to his family. Hmm, I can actually relate to Rick Schroeder on realizing the importance of family after a weird.

This movie brought back so many feelings and memories. I remember my sister Mary Beth, just sobbing at the end when we saw it, me only like 12 or 13....well I was crying also myself, but Mary Beth was really crying hard. I miss her so much. Seeing TJ lose his dad The Champ made me think about losing my mom and how hard it was...and still is 23 years later. Of course I thought as I have alot lately about how much I miss my brother Jack. I have had so many losses in my life, which is no surprise I mean none of us will live on this earth forever. Saying goodbye to someone you love forever is not fun nor is it easy, but its something everyone will face sooner or later.

Its weird how seeing something from 1979 can make me so sentimental and melancholy.......and not because the plot of the movie is very sad is really hard.

As a side, 1979 had some GREAT movies....

Kramer vs Kramer, Norma Rae, All That Jazz (I love this weird movie), Breaking Away (REALLY loved this one with a young Dennis Quaid), The Rose, The China Syndrome, Apocalyse Now, Moonraker (my first James Bond), 10, Ice Castles (yeah I know total chick flick), and my all time favorite....The Muppet Movie.

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