Sunday, June 8, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Top 10 List reasons to watch

Ok, this is old, but I came across this David Letterman Top 10 reasons to watch featuring the cast. I have to say, its purty funny and thought I would include.

I think that Lee Adama aka Jamie Bamber is quite the hottie. He would only be hotter if he had a Brittish accent....oh wait, he does, he just talks like an American for TV. Wow, is it getting hot in here or what. I will say this season has kind of been not the best one for me, although I am still really enjoying it. Too bad I didn't get to catch Jamie while he was in town for Dragon Con, not that I have been, but I have been wanting to at least go down to see all the people dressed up.

So if you like BSG, just click on the title of this post and enjoy the satire.

Yeah, I know I am a total loser for being up so late on a Saturday night looking for some people's reactions to last night's episode. Well, I did go to Georgia Tech, so there is some nerd in me for sure.

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